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Highlights! Manny Pacquiao schools YouTuber DK Yoo in comeback exhibition boxing bout

Pacquiao returned to the ring after over a year off to beat up DK Yoo in an uncompetitive but relatively entertaining exhibition boxing bout.


Manny Pacquiao was back in action on Saturday night in a boxing exhibition match against South Korean YouTuber and martial artist DK Yoo.

Pointless exhibition matches like this are starting to become pretty common amongst the top names in boxing, and Pacquiao stepped into the ring to fight for the first time since his loss to Yordenis Ugas in August 2021. Facing him would be boxing neophyte DK Yoo, whose popular YouTube channel is geared towards traditional martial arts education.

As you’d expect, Pacquiao dominated the entire fight while DK Yoo did little more than hang in and survive. Yoo’s punches and combos didn’t look bad, but little actually managed to hit Pacquiao, while “Pac-Man” landed on Yoo with ease. For the first two rounds, Manny took things slow but didn’t fool around too much like Floyd Mayweather in his recent series of exhibitions.

In the third round Pacquiao increased the pressure and started attacking the body a lot. Yoo kept a pawing jab to try and keep Manny on the outside, but Pacquiao was able to step in at will and land his own jabs and overhands.

In the 4th Pacquiao knocked Yoo down at the end of the round, but it was declared a slip. In the 5th round Pacquiao continued to hunt down Yoo, launching forward to crack him in the jaw repeatedly. Yoo was rescued by the referee over a punch to the back of the head, and took a minute to gather his wits back about him.

In the 6th and final round it was all business as Manny stalked DK around the ring, eventually lunging forward and knocking Yoo down with a stiff jab to the face. The referee enabled a time out for some reason before resetting the action, and again Pacquiao went on the offensive chasing the finish. He backed Yoo into the ropes and worked his body until Yoo fell over ... and the fall was declared another slip! Before he could get back to his feet, the timer on the round and fight ended, and DK Yoo survived the fight.

Check out what Twitter had to say about the contest:

Pacquiao is already set to return for another exhibition bout in January 2023 against former training partner Jaber Zayani in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. And while “Pac-Man” may trashtalk other boxing greats and champions, don’t expect to see him in any serious match-ups: according to the Filipino fighter, those days are over.

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