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Nate Diaz reacts to McGregor vs. Lobov showdown: ‘Is Artem gonna show up?’

So did Conor and Artem throw down? Enquiring minds want to know!

Jake Paul v Anderson Silva Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The long and storied friendship between Conor McGregor and Artem Lobov is in shambles after Lobov filed a big money lawsuit against “The Notorious” last week. The court action claims Lobov was the driving force behind the creation of Proper 12 whiskey and demands a cut of the $600 million made off the brand’s sale earlier this year.

Rather than stay quiet and deal with the issue in court, McGregor has been calling out Lobov on social media. Not only has McGregor dropped a dozen new derogatory nicknames for Lobov, he challenged his former friend and training partner to a fight at the Concord Straight Blast Gym.

“This is callout to Artem ‘the fanny, furly-pad’ Lobov,” McGregor wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “I’m challenging you to a fight tonight, 10:30 p.m. at SBG Concord, and we’ll fight for the whole lot. We’ll fight for the whole lot. Going through and having lawyers message me about defamation and all this, suing and all. You’re a little blouse-mate. We’ll see you at SBG Concord tonight at 10:30 p.m. and we’ll fight you for the whole lot, yeah? Answer this f—king callout, yeah, you little blouse.”

McGregor would follow up that tweet by posing for a picture outside the gym looking ready to throw down.

The whole affair captured the attention of McGregor rival and new free agent, Nate Diaz, who clearly wanted to find out what happened from there.

“So is Artem going to show up for the big fight or what?” Diaz asked on Twitter.

Alas, it seems like Lobov decided to pass on settling things in the gym and will instead let his lawsuit determine how things shake out with McGregor. Artem is asking for 5 percent of proceeds from the Proper 12 sale, which could be up to $30 million. If what he’s said is true regarding the origins of McGregor’s whiskey business, he has a decent chance of being granted a significant payout.

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