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Highlights! Fight Circus IV ends with two-vs-one fight, Bob Sapp showdown

Full Metal Dojo returns with another Fight Circus full of unabashed freakshow fights from Bangkok, Thailand and we have the video highlights.

Certain events end up being called a circus sideshow, but only Fight Circus actually embraces the freakshow element of combat sports and turns it up to an 11.

Fight Circus 4 just went down from Bangkok, Thailand and featured a bevvy of ridiculous themed bouts. Indian leg wrestling, a big vs. tall bout, only arms vs. only legs, and something called ‘Living room MMA’ were all scheduled. And the card was capped by Fight Circus head honcho Jon Nutt stepping in against two much smaller men, “Bank” and “No Money,” in a two-on-one modified Muay thai bout.

The whole event almost didn’t happen, though, after the truck transporting the ring to the venue crashed. That forced a multi-hour delay before the event kicked off, but once things happened they were ... very circus-like.

Here’s the bout between Fight Circus founder Jon Nutt and two men. Nutt reportedly sang his own theme song on the way to the ring.

Here’s some clips of the Siamese Twins kickboxing fight. As you can see, these aren’t legit Siamese twins but rather two men in one shirt. Whether that makes it better or worse is up to you.

Businessman boxing brought a whole new meaning to the concept of white collar crime.

And in the battle of only kicks vs. only punches, only kicks got a quick win.

Living room Pancrase MMA seemed to just involve some inflatable furniture. It ended via first round TKO.

It’s not all fun and games, though. In a full on Lethwei fight (kickboxing with headbutts), Gilgore Stojanov knocked out Chris Kirsch with a blistering left hook.

And there was a legit knockout in the bare-knuckle bout.

And as advertised, Bob Sapp showed up two thirds of the way through the card to flex a bunch while his early 2000s Japanese radio hit Sapp Time played. He also carried around some little people because why not?

Fight Circus IV full lineup:
Two vs One – MMA Symmetrical: Jon A Nutt vs Bank & No Money
Fight Circus Championship: Andrew Capurro vs Nong Rose
Bob Sapp Challenge
Wheel of Violence: Jonny Tello vs James Heelan
Lethwei Grudge Match – Burmese Bare Knuckle Boxing: Chris Kirsch vs Gligor
Indian Leg Wrestling
Upstairs Downstairs – Only Legs & Only Arms: Tetee Denman vs Tang Mo & Kushal Vyas
Couples Therapy – Siamese Twins Kickboxing: Mecha-Petzilla vs El Two-Pacabra
Board Room Brawl – White Coller Boxing: D. Armitage vs D. Jackson
Domestic Pancrasee – Living Room MMA: Kyoken vs Daniel Kerr

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