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Bryce Mitchell: Joe Rogan ‘sissied out’ of flat Earth debate — ‘He wants to call people stupid then not debate them’

UFC 273: Volkanovski v The Korean Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

Bryce Mitchell’s challenge to Joe Rogan has been denied.

Chatting conspiracy theories is nothing new for Rogan and his guests on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. According to rising Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Featherweight contender, Mitchell, however, the longtime color commentator of the promotion didn’t bite on the challenge.

Mitchell recently took to social media, challenging Rogan to a debate surrounding the flat Earth theory. As of right now, it looks like fans won’t be getting the clash of opinions anytime soon.

“He sissied out, but that’s alright,” Mitchell told James Lynch. “The thing is, if I call somebody stupid and make fun of them for their beliefs I’m gonna explain to them exactly why. I could do that in a debate, but he wants to call people stupid then not debate them. That’s my problem.

“If he wants to call me stupid, at least debate me,” he continued. “Explain to me why I’m stupid and how I’m wrong, and I’ll explain to you as to why I believe you’re wrong. I’m not calling him stupid, I’m just saying I want to have a discussion because he’s gonna call me stupid. Me and my mom, and all my friends that believe it and stuff, he’s calling all of us stupid. So, I’m just telling him he oughta debate somebody like me and he’d lose (laughs).”

Mitchell, 28, has risen to top contender status at 145 pounds after winning all 15 of his professional bouts with none bigger than his last. At UFC 272 in March 2022, “Thug Nasty” used his great grappling to dominate veteran striking sensation, Edson Barboza, en route to a unanimous decision win.

UFC 282 on Dec. 10, 2022, in Las Vegas, Nevada plays host to Mitchell's next appearance. The Arkansas native will be tasked with Ilia Topuria after losing out on the main event spot against Movsar Evloev for UFC Vegas 64 this weekend (Nov. 5, 2022).

Should Mitchell get his hand raised on the pay-per-view (PPV) event fight night, fans will surely be treated to a fun interaction between Mitchell and Rogan in the Octagon.

“I want to prove him wrong in front of as many people as possible,” Mitchell said. “So that’s why I want the podcast, but if he wants to have breakfast at Waffle House and talk about it, that’s fine with me. I don’t think he has time for that or cares enough to do it.

“You just can’t be calling people stupid because you don’t agree with what they’re believing,” he concluded. “Especially if you can’t beat ‘em in a debate. If you’ve debated ‘em and you felt like they’ve avoided logic then at some point you can think they’re stupid. But if he can’t beat me in a debate, don’t call me stupid.”

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