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Terrell Owens pops, drops salty CVS customer in unofficial celebrity boxing audition (Video)

Former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens, who turns 49 in just a few weeks, went from spiking pigskins in the San Francisco end zone to scoring touchdowns in the streets of Los Angeles. In summary: Owens touched the chin of a fellow CVS customer and he went down, which may not carry the street value of an autograph but certainly gets more mileage on social media.

Take two of these (hands) and call me in the morning.

NFL great Terrell Owens and his unnamed opponent were already fired up after shopping at CVS in Inglewood, Calif., partly because of the pharmacy chain’s blatant markups, but mostly because of the 17 trees that had to be sacrificed for their six-foot receipts.

Okay, I’m speculating.

I’m not entirely sure why these two were throwing down but TMZ Sports claims Owens was conversing with a starstruck fan inside the store when John Doe started harassing them, to the point where it spilled over into the streets and eventually got physical.

Owens used his Pro Bowl hands to deliver pharmaceutical justice.

No doubt the parasites behind some of the biggest celebrity boxing promotions will be talking about this video at the next matchmaker meeting. If Dillon Danis can headline a boxing pay-per-view card, then surely there is room for a superior athlete like Owens.

I hear this fellow gridiron gladiator is looking for an opponent.

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