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Midnight Mania! Ali Abdelaziz claims Henry Cejudo vs. Aljamain Sterling is confirmed: ‘It’s done’

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The next challenger to Aljamain Sterling’s Bantamweight crown is uncertain. Sterling is interested in some time off, but UFC seems ready to act and get a title fight booked — interim if necessary! Interim or not, it feels like Sean O’Malley is the frontrunner for a chance at gold. He did just beat former champion Petr Yan, standing as the No. 1-ranked contender as a result.

Per “Suga” himself, UFC confirmed his next fight will be for a belt.

Dominance MMA CEO Ali Abdelaziz has a different stance. Per Abdelaziz, Henry Cejudo vs. Sterling is a done deal. Since retiring in 2020, Cejudo has expressed a willingness to return for a title fight, and now Abdelaziz says it’s happening.

I can’t wait for my boy, ‘Triple C’ (Henry Cejudo) to come back,” Ali Abdelaziz told John Morgan (via LowKickMMA). “I like Aljo (Aljamain Sterling), I consider Aljo as a friend. Aljo is fighting Henry Cejudo – it’s done, you know, it’s done. It’s just – the UFC said it’s done, he knows it’s done.”

“I understand he wants a different fight, but he (Henry Cejudo) never lost his belt, he’s a two-time champion – defended both his belts. And he left on his own. He didn’t leave cause he lost or was injured, he just needed time off. And guess what, I think he will defend this title – it’s a champion versus champion, ‘cause he never lost his belt. And I disagree with Aljamain, I think it’s a big fight. It’s a tougher fight, he knows that, and I know that. I don’t think Aljamain shied from an opponent, I think he tried to make Henry sweat. But I already know what’s up – he’s fighting Henry.”

Prior to stepping away from the sport, Cejudo went on a six-fight tear that did see him capture and defend both the Flyweight and Bantamweight titles. It’s been a long time, however, so it’ll be interesting to see how UFC measures his previous accomplishments against O’Malley’s current star power.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Israel Adesanya cannot help but make it at least a little awkward.

Team Cejudo and Team O’Malley both say they’ve been promised a title shot, so ... we’ll see!

Well, this is disappointing.

Michael Chandler donned the ice mask and read angry Tweets. Classic!

A new booking at 115-pounds:

Congratulations to Tecia Torres and Raquel Pennington!

I’ve known “Pretty” Ricky Turcios for the better part of a decade, and I promise y’all from the bottom of my heart, he’s not putting on a show for the media. This is straight Ricky!

Slips, rips, and KO clips

Vintage Robbie Lawler violence!

It’s rare to watch someone’s eyes roll back so clearly in slow-motion.

Hell of a way to start the round!

Random Land


Midnight Music: Alt rock, 2008

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