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Paddy Pimblett and ‘100% natural’ MJF unexpectedly trade barbs: ‘You’re dollar store Conor McGregor’

WRESTLING: JAN 26 AEW Dynamite Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Paddy Pimblett may have run into one war of words he simply won’t win.

UFC 282 on Dec. 10, 2022 plays host to the return of England’s “Baddy” as he faces off with Jared Gordon in a Lightweight affair. Today (Tues., Nov. 22, 2022), however, he may have laid the foundation for a future appearance in an All Elite Wrestling (AEW) ring.

Interacting on Instagram, Pimblett stumbled across the new AEW world champion, Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF), in what appeared to initially be a mixed martial arts (MMA) related conversation. As always with each man, the banter quickly escalated and left fans with some kind of future collaboration to keep an eye out for.

“See you around ‘baddy’,” MJF captioned a tweet sharing his exchange with Pimblett.

Pimblett began by saying; “I do have Knowledge about mma tho don’t I? Which u have zero knowledge about so let’s not go there [crying laughing emoji]. if u wanna have a real fight let’s sort it with the @ufc if not pipe down! Oh tell ur boss to sign me up when yous come to Fulham’s ground I be ready son [hug and winking kiss emoji]”

“hey bud,” MJF began. “aew has a show coming up in your neck of the woods. If you’re man enough I’ll gladly show you how real I am. @tonyrkhan @danawhite”

“I’ve just said that u spaceman [crying laughing emoji],” Pimblett responded. “don’t act asif ur calling for it I’ve just told u straight when yous come Fulham’s ground (crave cottage) get ur boss @tonyrkhan to message my boss @danawhite and see what we can sort [hug emoji] because I know full well you won’t pass a USADA drug test to fight in the @ufc [three crying laughing emojis]”

“unlike you I’m 100% natural and I’m also 100% original. Unlike you,” MJF said. “You’re dollar store Connor McGregor talking, Will from strangers things looking ass wouldn’t last two seconds in my world. #Betterthanyou See you in London.”

MJF capped off his sharing of the banter with; “Grammar off cuz I’m talking s—t to this clown while going 100mph on the stair master”

Pimblett (19-3) has won three straight thus far in his UFC career and become a large superstar in the process (literally). Considering his personality and fondness to be in front of a camera, Pimblett dabbling in the professional wrestling world in some facet wouldn’t come as a huge surprise at some point.

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