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Jake Paul: Nate Diaz made things personal with backstage altercation — ‘He’s a f—king problem’

Jake Paul v Anderson Silva Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Jake Paul is ready to get his hands on Nate Diaz.

Before the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) star departed the promotion, he was already being targeted by Paul as a possible future boxing opponent. Diaz attended Paul’s big knockout victory over Tyron Woodley in Dec. 2021 (watch highlights), supporting his teammate who also fought, Chris Avila. This past weekend (Oct. 29, 2022), Diaz did so once again for a Paul card.

“The Problem Child” defeated Anderson Silva via a unanimous decision (watch highlights) in the main event and immediately called out Diaz in the ring. Although it arguably wasn’t the most respectful approach, calling Diaz a “b—ch,” all that is now out the window after Diaz’s crew got into a traditional water bottle-throwing posture-off type of altercation backstage.

“He’s a f—king problem,” Paul said of Diaz on his BS w/ Jake Paul podcast. “He just causes f—king problems everywhere he goes. They got into three fights at the club this week in Scottsdale [Arizona] leading up.

“He wants to fight every — like, random f—king people, bro,” he concluded. “He’s got like 20 losses or something like that. He f—king sucks. Silva’s better than Diaz.”

Diaz is currently still a free agent after fighting out his contract with one last UFC appearance this past Sept. 2022. In doing so, Diaz picked up a fourth round guillotine submission win over Tony Ferguson (watch highlights), snapping a two-fight losing streak.

Brief teases have come from Diaz expressing interest in boxing Paul. Ultimately, the Stockton, Calif. native has yet to indicate where exactly his interests lay in his next combat sports ventures as a competitor.

“Before you decided to fight my crew, it was all respect,” Paul said. “But now, it’s personal. I’m gonna f—k you up.”

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