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Alex Pereira wants Israel Adesanya to stop blaming referee for UFC 281 loss — ‘Thank him for saving your life’

Newly-crowned UFC middleweight champion Alex Pereira considers former 185-pound titleholder Israel Adesanya to be a “great opponent” and for that, “The Last Stylebender” has “Poatan’s” respect. What he does not respect is the steady stream of excuses that followed Adesanya’s technical knockout loss to the Brazilian at UFC 281 last weekend in New York.

Instead of chastising referee Marc Goddard, perhaps Adesanya should thank him for “saving his life” (and his career).

“Adesanya stop making excuses saying that the referee stopped the fight early,” Pereira wrote on Instagram. “You have to thank him for saving your life. The way you were with your head down looking at the ground, I only needed one or two more hits to connect a good knee to your face so we wouldn’t know the outcome. As I said at that point in the video, you were a great opponent and I respect you for that. Assume the mistakes along with your team without taking away my merits. You will have one more chance! You’re next!”

Based on those comments, it sounds like Pereira is preparing for an immediate rematch, even if it’s “not right.”

Adesanya has not been the only fighter (past or present) to dismiss Pereira’s championship accomplishment, despite the fact that “Poatan” also holds two cling-free wins over “The Last Stylebender” on the kickboxing circuit. Perhaps that will give the promotion additional material to promote their 2023 do-over, if and when it comes to fruition.

For more on Pereira’s win over Adesanya at UFC 281 click here.

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