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Chael Sonnen believes Dustin Poirier is chasing ‘Conor McGregor status’ over lightweight title

UFC 281: Poirier v Chandler Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Dustin Poirier has become one of the biggest fighters on the UFC roster today, but he’s still nowhere near that of former foe, Conor McGregor.

Luckily, Poirier remains an active contender in the UFC’s lightweight division and still has time to push his UFC stock to new heights. Despite being 0-2 in undisputed UFC title fights “Diamond” is one of the most recognizable and marketable fighters in the sport today. One who has been part of some of the biggest cards of all time.

While Poirier still has enough gas in the tank to fight his way back to another UFC title shot — especially with his recent submission win over Michael Chandler — mixed martial arts (MMA) analyst Chael Sonnen believes “Diamond” is aiming for even a higher achievement. According to Sonnen, Poirier is chasing “Conor McGregor status.”

“Dustin Poirier right now is not on a mission to be champion,” Sonnen said on his YouTube channel. “And to become champion is very realistic; that’s not the statement I’m making. Dustin Poirier’s No. 1 goal right now is not to reclaim his championship. He wants to go into a category. It’s the elite of the elite. It’s a category so high that when you start training, you don’t even set a goal to do.

“There’s one more category above champion – one category, and that is when the outcome of your fight doesn’t matter. When you get to a level of popularity where the outcome of your match no longer matters. The next time you come out, the crowd will be sold out, and you will be in the main event. Even if you’re coming off of a loss, your next fight will be the main event. I’m talking about a Conor McGregor status.”

Poirier, who turns 34 this January, could fight his way through the top lightweights in the world in effort to lock up another title fight. However, “Diamond” seems more inclined to partake in massive superfights and matchups that will do the most for his MMA legacy. That could mean a fourth fight with McGregor or even a grudge match at welterweight with former training partner Colby Covington. Poirier has a few options at his disposal.

“He wants to do superfights,” Sonnen added. “He wants to do massive fights and the title be damned. He’s already got one. He’s got one sitting in his mantle at home. He will go down in the record books if he never fights again as a champion of the world, which he was. He wants to go into this different realm.”

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