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Video: Alex Pereira celebrates Israel Adesanya victory with giant UFC title tattoo

To the victor belong the spoils.

Newly-crowned middleweight champion Alex Pereira celebrated his victory over longtime rival Israel Adesanya with a giant tattoo of the 185-pound strap, inked on the underside of his arm just a few days removed from the UFC 281 pay-per-view (PPV) event in New York.

“That’s like getting your girlfriend’s name as a tattoo and then she soon becomes your ex girlfriend,” a smart aleck commenter replied.

It’s kind of amazing how hard people are working to discredit Pereira’s victory, almost like it’s Yan-Sterling 1. You have one side crying about a premature stoppage and the other side insisting a halfway decent wrestler would send “Poatan” back to the “Fight Night” Prelims.

Adesanya is a great fighter but he lost, get over it.

The promotion is likely to rubber stamp an immediate rematch for some point in early-to-mid 2023, depending on the recovery timeline for each fighter. Both Pereira and Adesanya were suspended indefinitely pending medical clearing from their respective physicians.

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