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Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury verbally agreed to for Feb. 2023 in United Kingdon

Third time the charm? “Problem Child” will travel to England for his next fight and face the little brother of Heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury ... maybe.

Jake Paul v Tommy Fury - News Conference Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury circus is coming to England in Feb. 2023.

It was an eventful weekend for the pair, whom have been trying to step into the ring against each other for more than one year. Their first fight was canceled after Fury broke a rib (details here). The second ended after “TNT” discovered he was barred from entry to the United States because of his family’s ties to the drug cartel.

Now, Paul has offered to come to the United Kingdom to face Tommy on his own turf, and Tommy’s coach and father, John Fury, has verbally agreed to the fight.

“John Fury has asked for February. Jake Paul has agreed,” a tweet from Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions read. “All that is needed now is for Frank Warren to get Tommy Fury to sign. MVP is paying Jake Paul and Frank Warren is paying Tommy Fury.”

Jake Paul and the Fury family took their feud to the next level over the weekend in Dubai. Tommy Fury controlled Rolly Lambert in an extremely dry exhibition match. Jake Paul sat ringside hurling insults the whole time, which led to an embarrassing non-conflict where the 58 year old John Fury took off his shirt and challenged Jake to a fight.

“I’m king of the bare-knuckle!” he screamed.

The whole farce apparently gained enough traction to re-kindle interest in Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury. John tracked down Jake’s manager after the incident and wrangled a handshake deal out of him.

“I walked him down, backed him into a corner, and made him agree to a February bout,” Fury Sr. said. “He shook me hand, he gave me his word of honor, his manager, it’s happening in February. If you renege or back out you’ll never live it down in your life. You can’t break a man’s handshake. Contract doesn’t mean nothing to me, but a handshake and my word, you can build a tower block on.”

“He gave me his word as manager. We fight in February.”

While we doubt it will generate the attention of past Paul spectacles against former MMA greats, the fight does play an important role in Paul’s career: Tommy Fury will be the first legitimate professional boxer Jake Paul faces in his 6-0 career.

Tommy Fury also happens to be 23 years old, which is more than 20 years younger than Paul’s last opponent, Anderson Silva. He’s also Paul’s size. So, it’s an interesting test, given Paul has been fighting old, shot, and/or smaller mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters for a while now.

What do you think, Maniacs? Are you interested in Jake Paul’s latest fight or are you done with that business after the latest Anderson Silva heartbreak? Let us know in the comments.

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