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Mayweather vs. Deji results: Tommy Fury decisions Rolly Lambert in snoozefest beneath shower of boos and Jake Paul trash talk

Tyson Fury v Dillian Whyte - Heavyweight Fight Photo by Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images

Tommy Fury and Rolly Lambert squared off in a 175-pound boxing match today (Sun., Nov. 13, 2022) inside Coca-Cola Center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in the co-main event of the “Mayweather vs. Deji” pay-per-view event.

Fury circled and stuck jabs to begin the fight. The fighters were slow to exchange, mostly getting a bead on one another in the opening frame. Neither man was fully committing to his shots, mostly hanging back. Meanwhile, Jake Paul joined the commentary team and talked a bunch of trash to Fury from the booth.

Fury puts together a quick combination to begin the second. The fight didn’t really heat up, as the two continued to mostly jab and move in uneventful fashion. Of course, two minute rounds didn’t really help anything. Paul screamed at Fury from the booth, mocking the Englishman.

Fury worked his lead hand and stuck a couple shots to the body early in the third. Still, he wasn’t fully putting his weight behind his punches, and Lambert didn’t throw much back. Showmanship from both men — why? Lambert landed a decent counter left before the bell.

The activity picked up a bit in the fourth. Lambert started moving forward and jabbing a bit more frequently. The crowd booed. This was an impressive performance from neither man through four rounds.

Body jabs from both athletes began the fifth. The duo were standing at more of an MMA distance than boxing range, which is why there were so few actual connections. Paul talking s—t for the 15th or so continuous minute was likely more eventful than the action itself.

At long last, the final round began. Rolly upped the pressure a bit, landing an early right hand. It still really felt like each man was content to just touch with their shots, rather than try to hurt one another. It was probably Rolly’s best round of the fight, simply because he threw more and continued to pressure.

Paul describes the fight as “shit,” and it’s hard to disagree. John Fury took his shirt off and tried to challenge Jake Paul to fight — far more entertaining than the fight itself. The judges award Fury the decision, and no one is impressed.

Result: Fury by decision

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