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Dana White’s Power Slap League gets eight episode Season 1 on TBS beginning in January

Dana White’s Power Slap League will make its television debut on TBS in January, featuring eight, one-hour episodes that will showcase the world’s best slappers competing for championship titles across multiple weight classes in what is expected to be the first of many seasons.

So was this, but it all depends on how well viewers respond.

“I’m really into this, I like it,” White told the media during Friday’s Power Slap press conference (watch the video replay here). “When we announced this, there was a lot of concern about health and safety of some guys. Us getting involved guarantees it’s going to be much safer. I like it, I’m into it. I’m not gonna run day-to-day operations, Frank Lamicella is the president of the company.”

Power Slap secured state regulation from NSAC just last month.

The promotion is currently building its roster through open tryouts and as of this writing has 150 potential candidates, both male and female. That number is expected to be whittled down for the final roster when Power Slap makes its TBS debut at some point in January 2023, though an exact date has yet to be finalized.

Stay tuned.

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