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Dana White gifted Bob Menery $50,000 for Nelk Boys introduction, now he wants no part of ‘cry baby bullsh-t’

Dana White’s Contender Series Season 6 Week 9 Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

It’s hard to completely wrap our heads around the relationship that Dana White has with the Nelk Boys, but the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president revealed this week that he dished out an additional $50,000 to keep one of the original show contributors happy.

Bob Menery, who was a regular contributor to the Nelk Boys YouTube channel, has been wrapped up in a financial dispute with Nelk Boys founder, Kyle Forgeard. Without going into too many details, Menery is claiming that he was promised multiple things during his time on the Full Send podcast only to never get them. In effort to push his own agenda Menery recently included White in a video showing all of the guests he helped bring on board.

White, who landed in hot water among MMA fans for gifting Forgeard $250,000 for his birthday earlier this year, took to social media on Friday in defense of his friend. While White did acknowledge that Menery helped introduce him to the Nelk Boys the UFC president also revealed that he gifted $50,000 to Menery so he would stop complaining about the professional hook-up. White was a bit aggressive with his response, but he was probably defending Forgeard more than anything.

Check it out below:

“Keep me out of your crybaby bulls—t,” wrote White via Instagram. “You are an absolute puss and I told u that and u are delusional and blew the biggest opportunity of ur life now move on like a big boy. Yes u introduced me and Kyle then f—kin cried about it forever so I gave you 50K. So you would STFU so now STFU. It’s embarrassing.”

While we’d like to cover more things pertaining to actual MMA and fights themselves we’re once again turning the light on White and his willingness to dive into his wallet like it was a bottomless pit. I guess when you’re a millionaire MMA promoter you’re able to hand out $300,000 for birthday wishes and podcast hush money.

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