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Jake Paul offers Draymond Green $10 million to box after NBA star KOs teammate

Golden State Warriors Victory Parade & Rally

Jake Paul is willing to pay Draymond Green $10 million to box for Most Valuable Promotions (MVP) after seeing the NBA star knockout Golden State Warriors teammate Jordan Poole in practice.

We know this isn’t related to mixed martial arts (MMA), but if you’ve had a pulse today you probably came across Green’s viral knockout video on social media. The four-time NBA champion was caught striking Poole with a punch during a dispute at practice. Green’s superman punch connected flush and ended up knocking Poole to the ground. It’s rumored that the two have been squabbling over who’s going to get the next max contract that the Warriors dish out.

You can check out the altercation below:

As you may have guessed, the combat community went into a frenzy over Green’s knockout. We hear a lot of professional athletes talk a big game and put on a show when performing in front of a crowd, but rarely do we see an athlete of Green’s caliber sack up and strike another player (teammate or not). The knockout was quite impressive and it immediately caught the eye of the combat forces, including none other than Jake Paul.

Paul, who has been doing his best to flip the sport of boxing on its head, took to social media to offer Green $10 million to box on the next MVP pay-per-view. It’s a pretty sizeable offer even for a player like Green who has amassed over $100 million throughout his NBA career.

Draymond I got $10 million for you to get in the ring on the next Most Valuable Promotions pay per view. Who you want?

Gotta get Draymond Green in the boxing ring.

Of course, Paul also wanted to clear up which “JP” Green clocked in practice. “Problem Child” made it known that things would end differently if he and Green ever squared up inside of the ring.

To be clear the JP that Draymond slept is Jordan Pool. This JP would sleep Draymond in 1 round.

It’s unknown at this time if Green would even be interested in one day stepping inside of the boxing ring. The four-time NBA all star is widely regarded as one of the most physical players in the league and seems to get in a different scuffle weekly during the season. Green is also one of the more respected teammates in the NBA today so it was odd to see him attack Poole in such a violent fashion.

What say you, fight fans? Would you want to see Draymond Green fight inside of the boxing ring?

Let’s hear it!

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