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Former UFC title challenger demands Jake Paul fight boycott: ‘Why are we pandering to this POS?’

Despite doing some decent things early on in his boxing career, Jake Paul has still not won over most people, specifically those who partake in the combat sports arena. Dana White is obviously not a fan, and several boxers and professional mixed martial arts (MMA) combatants have lashed out at the fighting circus that is “The Problem Child.”

Recently, former UFC Light Heavyweight title challenger, Anthony Smith, went all-in on Paul and called for a boycott of his future fights until he finally decides to fight someone who is on his level instead of facing older, retired MMA fighters.

“If Jake Paul beats Anderson Silva, we should all f—king boycott the rest of his fights until he f—king fights some that are on his level, or whatever level we deem him to be on. You talk all this s—t about MMA fighters, you talk s—t about UFC and then you pretend that you want to bring fighters up, and you want everyone to get paid better, but then you trash everyone every time they fight,” Smith said.

Paul did go on to defeat “The Spider” via unanimous decision (watch highlights) after eight rounds of action this past Saturday night (Oct. 29, 2022), upping his record to 6-0 (3-0 against former UFC stars). Smith went on to express more disdain for Paul’s operation and further implored the MMA community to not support him when all he does is make a mockery of everyone involved.

“Now we’re putting food on your f—king table for you to drag our legends? Older, shorter, smaller, past their prime legends that have spent their entire career running their bodies into f—king car accidents, and we hold these guys near and dear to our hearts.

“And then this f—k head pulls them out of semi-retirement and knocks them out on pay-per-view (PPV) and then still s—ts on all of us? Go f—k yourself. Like, why are we still pandering to this piece of s—t?” he concluded.

The knock on Paul is that he has still yet to face a legitimate boxer, though two attempts to do so against Hasim Rahman Jr. and Tommy Fury never came to fruition for different reasons. But, one has to wonder, why not try to revisit those options again?

For now, Paul will bask in the glory of taking out another former UFC champion — who is 47 years old, by the way — while he carefully plots his next move ... and potential multimillion-dollar payday.

For complete Showtime: “Paul vs. Silva” results, click HERE.

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