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Logan Paul challenges Andrew Tate to a UFC fight: ‘I don’t like you, I want to f— you up’

Logan Paul is hoping to cash Dana White’s offer to fight in UFC so he can break Andrew Tate’s face.

Jake Paul v Anderson Silva Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Logan Paul wants to kick canceled social media influencer Andrew Tate’s butt, and he wants to do it in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

The elder Paul brother hasn’t been as visible in the combat sports world as his little brother Jake Paul. But, he still pops up on our radar from time to time. With professional wrestling and mixed martial arts (MMA) so intertwined, it was hard to miss his impressive WWE debut at WrestleMania 38. During an interview with Dana White on his Impaulsive podcast, White said he’d be willing to sign the popular YouTuber to UFC.

“Who would you want to fight?” White asked at the time.

“I dunno,” Paul replied.

Well, now Logan Paul has a target: Andrew Tate, whose misogynistic words and scummy webcam pimp history have resulted in bans from all major social media platforms.

“What he talks like, I am either listening to him say something that actually makes absolutely no f—king sense, or it’s a statement so bold that it is repulsive,” Logan said on a new episode of Sean O’Malley’s TimboSugaShow podcast. “I think people misunderstood what to us was very clearly satire and sarcasm as like a respect or liking to Tate. But I have never liked Tate. I find him amusing, the same way you find a clown amusing.

“Maybe I would take the opportunity to platform him, just for one night,” he added later. “Just for one night, and turn his f—ing face inside out, have him wheeled home on a gurney with his brother holding his hand in the ambulance type s—. I don’t like you, I want to f— you up.”

“I got a solution. Why don’t we do something that both of us have never done? Clean record. 0 and 0. Let us step into the f—ing octagon, brother. An MMA fight, me versus Tate in the UFC. You think Dana would put that on?”

It’s not the kind of match we’d expect White and Co. to put together, but it may be just crazy enough for him to allow to happen. White aged out of the hip cool club a long time ago, and these days he puts a lot of stock into what the current hip cool YouTube kids are telling him. That’s why he’s gone full send on the Full Send guys, and why he may just take Logan Paul up on his offer to kick Andrew Tate’s teeth in during a UFC broadcast.

What do you think, Maniacs? Is this one of the few fights where you’d actually be cheering on a Paul to win?

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