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Fury rips Jake Paul for fighting ‘hand-picked geriatrics’ after win over Anderson Silva

It looks like Tommy Fury and his father, John Fury, still want a piece of Jake Paul, despite pulling out of the last two fights against the YouTuber-turned boxer.

Tyson Fury v Dillian Whyte - Open Workout - BOXPARK Wembley Photo by Nick Potts/PA Images via Getty Images

Jake Paul got one over on another aging mixed martial arts (MMA) legend last night (Sat., Oct. 29, 2022), beating Anderson Silva in a fight we will begrudgingly describe as pretty entertaining (watch highlights). What’s next for Paul, who has now beaten two former UFC champions? Maybe Nate Diaz. Maybe Floyd Mayweather.

And way further down the possibility list: maybe Tyson Fury’s little brother Tommy.

Tommy Fury has been booked to fight Jake Paul twice, and he’s pulled out both times. The first fight was called off because of a rib injury. The second was canceled after Tommy was allegedly unable to enter the United States due to his brother’s connections to drug cartel leader Daniel Kinahan. Both times Jake accused Tommy of faking his way out of the fight, but maybe the third time’s the charm?

In an Instagram story added on the eve of the Silva vs. Paul fight, Tommy Fury said, “Make sure you get the job done tonight, mate, so I can see you next year and smash all the front of your face in.”

Following the fight, Tommy’s outspoken father, John Fury, ripped into Jake Paul thoroughly, calling him out for fighting the 47-year-old Anderson Silva.

“If any of my sons was 50 years old and doing that, I’d say, ‘Listen, have a day off, give your head a wobble,’” Fury Sr. said. “‘Alls you’re going to do is make a fool of yourself and entertainment for other people. You’re making the other man that’s useless look good.’ Jake Paul can’t fight. [Tommy] will knock Jake Paul out with one punch. And I’ll say it now on camera: Jake Paul will get knocked out with the first right hand that he throws, and I’ll put money on it.”

John Fury knocked Jake Paul for continuing to face mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters instead of professional boxers.

“This man [Tommy] is fighting here, at least he’s a proper fighter,” he said. “He trains as a boxer. All he’s fighting, he’s had seven pro fights against proper opposition. Not some hand-picked geriatric that needs a Zimmer frame [walker] to get in the ring.”

Immediately after his decision win over Silva, Paul addressed the haters like John Fury.

“They’re gonna find something to say,” Paul declared. “‘Fight a real boxer!’ B—ch, I tried. Hey, if I was walking on water, people would say I can’t swim. So there’s always gonna be haters, there’s always gonna be critics, and that’s just there, that’s everyday, part of life if you’re doing something and being successful. So I don’t worry about this s—t and this is just the start baby.”

Jake Paul went on to call out Nate Diaz and Canelo Alvarez, two much larger — and more marketable — opponents than Tommy Fury. If John Fury is hoping to provoke Jake Paul into a third attempted fight, he may have to up the intensity. Not up to an 11, maybe. But further than this.

What do you think, Maniacs? Is there still value in having Jake Paul fight Tommy Fury, maybe in the UK? Or has that ship sailed (and sunk)?

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