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Shredded! Twitter reacts to viral photo of bio-jacked Dana White flaunting six-pack abs — ‘Scam’

UFC President Dana White recently turned his Instagram account into an infomercial for 10X Health System, founded by fitness flavor of the month Gary Brecka. The “professional human biologist, entrepreneur, and Founder of Streamline Medical Group” (according to his LinkedIn page) previously used his “Personalized Precision Wellness” (some might say “witchcraft”) to predict White would be dead in roughly 10 years.

Then came 10 weeks on Brecka’s program and he’s as good as new!

“They know when you’re gonna die and they’re right within a month,” White explained. “He said, ‘you do exactly what I tell you to do for 10 weeks and I’ll change your life.’ You have to understand, I don’t fall for all this hippie bullshit, I don’t do any of this shit. I’m like average Joe, real guy. This guy has changed my life in 10 weeks.”

He’s just a regular everyday normal motherfucker.

White has kept himself in relatively good shape over the years, to the point where “Lookin’ for a Fight” crony Matt Serra was lookin’ for a urine sample. There was also that photo shoot for Men’s Fitness that raised its fair share of eyebrows back in late 2016. Unfortunately those muscles couldn’t help White tie his own shoes.

“My legs were so fucked up I couldn’t put my socks on in the morning,” White continued. “I was like a tenth of a point away from being diabetic. I don’t snore anymore. I sleep like seven, eight hours a night now. [I lost] 30 pounds, I feel like I’m 35 years old again. I invested in him for 10 weeks and this guy changed my life.”

White had a similar pitch for Mike Dolce after launching UFC FIT back in 2013.

I guess fight fans can expect to have more guest hosts for “Fuck It Friday” now that White has turned over a new leaf. Or maybe we can get some of his new-and-improved recipes that don’t contribute to being pre-diabetic or 30 pounds overweight.

Either way, his Twitter followers were unimpressed.

10x is 80x less than P90x so maybe in the long run this will be an easier program, at least according to my MMA-math.

I’ll ask Dr. Rogan.

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