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Ben Askren: Jake Paul requested to sign special contract for boxing match to make him ‘feel good’

Triller Fight Club: Jake Paul v Ben Askren Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images for Triller

Jake Paul wanted some extra insurance for his boxing match against Ben Askren.

In April 2021, Paul and Askren met in the ring for what was expected to be Paul’s first real test against a combat sports athlete. Unfortunately for Askren, it was anything but that.

Needing less than two minutes, “The Problem Child” knocked out the “Funky” former Bellator and ONE Championship Welterweight champion (watch highlights). Heading into the bout, Askren was asked to sign a secondary contract by Paul’s manager to ensure no funny business ensued during the match.

“He said Triller is worried you’re gonna do some MMA moves,” Askren told Fight Hub TV (h/t Middle Easy). “I said, okay, and, I’m not but whatever. And he said, ‘Well, so, how about you sign a contract that you’ll get fined $100,000 for every time you do an MMA move?’ I said, well, I already signed a contract, why would I do that? That sounds stupid. And he’s like, ‘Well, come on it would make Jake feel good, and Triller really wants it.’”

In the match’s aftermath, fight-fixing claims were immediately hurled Askren’s way as fans claimed he took a dive, letting Paul win. These types of discussions are nothing new for Paul matches, thanks to the YouTube star’s celebrity status.

Assessing the theories, however, Askren can’t help but point out their ridiculousness.

“I mean the math that people don’t do on this one because most people are too stupid,” Askren said. ” If I beat up Jake Paul, you realize I can do whatever I want, right? If I want to go fight his brother [Logan], if I want to box someone else, I box someone else, like I’m going to make so much more money, right? If I beat him up. So, the notion that I would take money to not beat him up, it’s preposterous.”

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