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Four-division boxing champ Adrien Broner calls out Nate Diaz: ‘Let’s get it!’

Nate Diaz still has a few months before he’s free to negotiate outside of UFC, but he’s got solid list of legitimate boxing opponents waiting for him.

UFC 279: Diaz v Ferguson Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC

While Nate Diaz certainly has the attention of the freak show faction in boxing, he now has an offer to fight from a legit name in Adrien Broner.

While Broner’s best days are behind him, he has amassed a 34-4-1 professional boxing record over 14 years and has held multiple championship belts in four different weight classes. Given this would be Diaz’s first official foray into boxing, Broner’s recent 1-2-1 record over the past five years could be seen as a plus. He also weighed in at 146 pounds for his last fight, giving the 170-pound Nate a significant size advantage.

None of that stopped Broner from calling out Diaz on Instagram.

“Nate Diaz you coming over to boxing I will give yo ass everything you looking for #LETSGETIT” Broner wrote, sharing a mockup of a boxing poster featuring the two fighters.

Broner is in a strange spot in his career right now. Just two months ago, he pulled out of an Aug. 20, 2022, fight against Omar Figueroa, citing mental health reasons for the withdrawal.

“Sorry to all my fans but #MentalHealth is real and I’m not about to play inside the ring,” Broner wrote on Instagram. “I’ve watched a lot of people die playing with they boxing career and that is something I won’t do. Just pray for me I love the sport of boxing to much to not give my all and I feel Like I came up short before because my mind wasn’t 100 percent there and I be dam if I make that mistake again.

“I need to make some changes for the better instead of worrying about other people feelings and pleasing them when In all reality I have nothing to prove to nobody,” he added. “I’m a four-time world champion in four different weight classes and if I never lace up a pair of gloves again I feel like it’s safe to say I will be inducted into the Boxing Hall Of Fame. So I have to step back and overcome this obstacle before I go put my life on the line inside the square circle again.”

“I know I’m far from being finished with the sport,” he wrote, concluding “SEE YALL SOON.”

Broner has also had a string of run-ins with the law over the past several years, and was most recently jailed in Oct. 2021 for failing to enroll in a court-mandated alcohol treatment program.

While he doesn’t seem like the optimal choice for an easy Diaz boxing payday, we could see him ticking a lot of boxes that matter to Diaz. If Diaz wants a real former champion on his resume as opposed to a YouTube guy, Broner could be his huckleberry.

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