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Slap Fighting approved by NSAC, paving way for ‘Dana White’s Power Slap League’ debut in late 2022

Arnold Sports Festival - Slap Fighting Championship Photo by Gaelen Morse/Getty Images

It’s not a knockout, it’s a palm bomb.

Dana White’s Power Slap League is expected to debut later this year at the APEX facility in Las Vegas, which should give fight fans something to talk about when Dana White’s Contender Series in on hiatus. I guess the UFC president likes to put his tag on everything, including Dana White’s Lookin’ For A Fight, because he enjoys seeing his name in headlines.

Well, not always.

Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) recently agreed to regulate professional slap fighting, citing the “importance for weight class implementation, brain scans, blood tests, and adequate onsite medical staff,” according to MMA Junkie. White and Co. are expected to reveal “a major network partner” for their new league in the coming weeks.

“We’ve spent the last year sort of beta-testing this in a controlled environment to really test and see the dynamic of how this would function as an actual league and real sport,” UFC chief business officer Hunter Campbell said at Tuesday’s NSAC meeting. “What we’ve found is that this is actually a skill sport that the participants, who are at a high level in this, are skilled athletes in. They train. They’re in good shape. They take it seriously, not dissimilar with what you see in MMA and boxing.”

Expect the top talent from this recent competition to take notice.

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