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Not-stupid UFC fighter challenges Joe Rogan to flat earth debate: ‘Gravity ain’t real’

UFC featherweight sensation Bryce Mitchell, currently ranked No. 9 at 145 pounds, believes the earth is flat and is lashing out at critics like UFC color commentator Joe Rogan, who continues to mock the flat-earth movement on his Spotify podcast.

“I’m here to call out Joe Rogan for talking crap about me and talking crap about my mama, he’s been doing it too long,” Mitchell said on Instagram. “Me and my mama will tell you right now this earth is flat. It ain’t moving around at no 6000 mph, spinning at 1000 mph and floating through the universe constantly. This earth is flat, it’s fixed, and the stars rotate around us, the sun rotates around us. I can prove that!”

I guess the 28 year-old Mitchell has time to work on his flat-earth theory now that Movsar Evloev has withdrawn from their UFC Vegas 64 main event, previously scheduled for Nov. 5 inside the promotion’s APEX facility in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“I would love to debate you Joe Rogan because I’m tired of you making fun of Flat Earthers,” Mitchell continued. “If you’re so confident come and debate me buddy because I’m tired of this stuff that you’re posting. I’m just so sick and tired of hearing your crap, Joe, about Flat Earthers being stupid. Boy, I’ll smoke you in a debate. I’ll smoke you and there ain’t nothing you can do to beat me in a debate, brother, because you ain’t got no proof.”

Rogan has yet to respond to “Thug Nasty’s” callout.

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