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Jorge Masvidal believes it’s good Nate Diaz left UFC: ‘The guy’s like borderline vegetable’

Jorge Masvidal is happy to see his old foe, Nate Diaz, leave Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) last month (details here).

The pair of Welterweights made history in Nov. 2019 when they fought over the first and only Baddest Motherf—ker (BMF) title in mixed martial arts (MMA) history. After three rounds of Masvidal having his way, the fight ended via doctors' stoppage as Diaz suffered two nasty cuts around his eye.

Masvidal hasn’t won since that bout, losing three in a row, while Diaz most recently snapped his own skid, defeating Tony Ferguson via fourth round guillotine submission (watch highlights) at UFC 279. The win marked the end of Diaz’s contract with UFC and Masvidal feels it’s best for the Stockton, Calif., native’s health to seek opportunity elsewhere.

“That’s good for him to leave the big leagues before he gets serious brain damage,” Masvidal told MMA Fighting. “I think the guy’s like borderline vegetable, you know? His interviews, his spunkness, his wittiness, and sharpness has gone to s—t. You have to like wait for him. The pause has gotten longer. You used to ask him a question and it’d be like a two-second pause, it’s like a 30-second pause now.

“So, good for him, man,” he continued. “He shouldn’t be in the big league, he’s gonna get hurt. Take that old-ass dude somewhere else. Plus, I almost killed his ass and the referee saved him, you know? So, I dont really like him too much.”

Diaz is still currently testing the free agency waters with no clear indication as to what he may do next. The likely option, however, seems to be stepping into the boxing ring for a match against Jake Paul. Paul takes on Anderson Silva later this month (Oct. 29, 2022) in Phoenix, Arizona.

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