Bellator 286: Pitbull vs Borics MAIN CARD

Patricio Pitbull and Adam Borics at Bellator 286

FIGHT NUMER 1 - Juan Archuleta vs. Enrique Barzola - 141 lbs Contract Weight Bout

ROUND 1; Fight starts and both fighters meet in the middle with a respectful glove touch. Archuleta immediately lands a 3 punch combo and shoots. Barzola defends extremely well and the two return to trading jabs and leg kicks in the middle of the cage. Archuleta lands several punches right over the guard of Barzola appearing to stun the lengthier fighter. Archuleta getting his punches off faster and cleaner, Barzola looking to be at an extreme speed disadvantage in the early going. Archuleta scores the first take down, taking Barzola's back immediately. The two meet back up against the fence. Archuleta with control from the back. Archuleta keeps Barzola on the fence momentarily with knees before they break and meet in the middle again. Archuleta's footwork and speed just outpacing Barzola. An outside lowkick to a straight right stuns Barzola. Archuleta using his speed and footwork to outpace Barzola. Forcing Barzola to shoot and secure a takedown of his own. Barzola slowing the pace down and holding Archuleta to the mat. Archuleta scrambles to his feet, but his forced back down shortly after. Archuleta gets out the back door. Archuleta appears to land an ILLEGAL kick to the face of Barzola, the referee does not stop the action. Referee argues it did not connect with his head. Replay shows the referee to be correct. 10-9 Archuleta.

ROUND 2; Round begins, no glove touch. Barzola clearly trying to push Archuleta to the fence. Archuleta circling well. Using his speed again to stay outside and defend takedowns. Barzola unable to connect from a boxing distance. Archuleta secures a takedown but Barzola quickly scrambles back up to his feet. Another scramble off a takedown and Archuleta pins Barzola to the fence and uses the double to dump him to his back against the fence. Archuleta using the positioning to stack Barzola on the fence. Barzola manages to scramble to his feet and back out from Archuleta who shoots again but fails to secure. Barzola and Archuleta lock up and Archuleta pins him back to the fence again. Much slower paced round than round one. Cage work not benefiting Archuleta, Barzola doing a great job staying on his feet. Awkward positioning, and Archuleta is able to momentarily take Barzola down with an Iranian lift. Back against the fence again, Barzola in control. Attempts to drop for the double, gets reversed, Archuleta in control against the fence yet again this round. Barzola landing brutal elbows from against the cage, closing out the round. 10-9 Barzola.

ROUND 3; Round begins, this time they touch gloves. Archuleta starting to mix kicks into his offense. Barzola fails a shot on the takedown early. Archuleta continuing to move and use his speed advantage staying on the outside making Barzola whiff. Deep power double from Archuleta, ends with Barzola back on his feet against the cage. Familiar territory for these two. Archuleta keeping the pressure pulls him down again. Barzola works his way to the fence again to stand back up. Archuleta attempts a single to but fails. Barzola slowing slightly this round. Archuleta using his jab to set up uppercuts, a new ripple in the gameplan for this fight. Archuleta dives on a double and pins Barzola to the fence, unable to secure a takedown. Barzola works his way back out again, taking control of the center of the cage. Barzola dives on a double and gets Archuleta down, but the immediate switch from Archuleta gets him back on his feet and out of danger. A solid right hand wakes Barzola back up. Barzola turns up the pace backing Archuleta into the fence and landing a combination of punches, Archuleta dives on another takedown and is unable to secure. Barzola utilizing elbows to keep Archuleta honest against the fence. Back to their feet, Barzola secures a double and dominant half guard on Archuleta. Barzola sinks in the hooks. Archuleta stays calm and works his way out of the position landing a jumping knee and uppercut to close out the round as Barzola swings for the fences. 10-9 Archuleta.

OFFICIAL DECISION; Judges score the fight, 30-27 Juan Archuleta Unanimous Decision.

MY TAKE AWAYS; Archuleta is crazy fast and knows how to scramble, his takedowns are lightning fast and could be a real problem for future opponents with some work on his top control. Barzola is made of solid stone, his wrestling is amazing, and his ability to scramble and escape was super impressive, a touch more speed and he becomes a real problem in his own right. Cant wait to see more from these two!

FIGHT NUMBER 2 - Aaron Pico vs. Jeremy Kennedy - Featherweight Bout

ROUND 1; Round begins no glove touch. Pico comes out ready to back Kennedy up landing a quick one two as the round begins. Pressuring Kennedy against cage is Pico now. A good knee off the break from Kennedy. Kennedy showing some dangerous leg kicks early. Kennedy shoots, but Pico scrambles and they end up against the cage. Foot stomps and short knees from Kennedy against the cage here. Crowd is not having it. Pico's shoulder is out of place, visibly trying to put it back in place and gets taken down as a result. Pico manages to scramble back up against the fence. Kennedy doing work against the fence, leaning on Pico and throwing knees. Pico clearly in pain here something wrong with his shoulder. Kennedy pulls Pico down and gets his back. Kennedy secures a body triangle and begins working for the choke. Pico holding on clearly in need of his corner's assistance here. Kennedy doing solid work with punches from the back, reaching over Pico's defenses. Kennedy refusing to give up the body lock. Round ends with Pico stuck in the body lock eating shots.

Pico's corner successfully resets his shoulder!

BEFORE ROUND 2; Pico clearly still in pain at the start of the round, but raring to go. Doctor claims Aaron has a broken clavicle and they call the fight.

OFFICIAL DECISION; Cageside Doctor stops the fight due to a shoulder/possible broken clavicle and Kennedy secures a TKO victory between rounds as Pico isn't cleared to answer the bell for Round 2.

MY TAKE AWAYS; Not a lot to take from that one, Pico was injured for most of the grappling exchanges. Kennedy did look great though starting out and kept the pressure on. Wishing for a speedy recovery for Pico.


FIGHT NUMBER 3 - AJ McKee vs Spike Carlyle - 157 lbs Catchweight Bout

ROUND 1; Round begins and Carlyle opens up with a flying kick! The two begin to trade wild exchanges clashing heads a few times. McKee rocks Carlyle and the two scramble to the fence McKee pulling him to the floor. Carlyle proving his power is not a joke and slamming McKee from a backpack position! This fight is electric! McKee scrambles for an omoplata but the fence is locking him down. Spike secures halfguard and starts dropping hooks ton McKee. They scramble on the ground for dominant position. McKee firing elbows from the bottom and somewhere in the chaos Carlyle has been cut open. Carlyle securing dominance on the ground now showing a clear strength advantage over the leaner McKee. Carlyle postures up stacking McKee to rain a few heavy hooks but gets reverses by McKee. Carlyle scrambles from being mounted back to standing, and secures a takedown that McKee reverses again! McKee takes Carlyle's back! Choke is on the mouth though and Carlyle rolls out, McKee scrambling to keep his back. Threatening with the choke to keep Carlyle from fighting out of the back mount. Carlyle rolls him over into his guard! A wild first round ends with the two wildly swinging on each other with Carlyle in McKee's guard! 10-9 McKee, but it's super close to me.

ROUND 2; McKee starts the round with a series of high kicks. Carlyle much slower this round and gets caught with a one two. A scramble ensues and the two are on the fence McKee pressing Carlyle against the fence. McKee attempting to slow the fight down. Carlyle scrambling to get back up after a quick takedown. McKee secures the back as Carlyle rolls over to attempt to stand up. McKee tries to sneak a choke but Carlyle gets his chin inside. Carlyle staying alive on the bottom but clearly worn out from the pace of round 1. McKee keeping top position as they scramble again. Back to their feet and McKee feeds Carlyle 2 knees for his effort from the plum! Back on the ground again, McKee catching Carlyle on the sprawl with an attempted Anaconda choke! This fight is crazy! McKee showboating a bit here. Claiming Carlyle is holding the gloves, Ref disagrees. McKee switches to a peruvian necktie, but Carlyle rolls out, McKee ends up in halfguard. Wild exchanges and great work by both guys in this round. McKee clearly in control this round. McKee stacks Carlyle on the cage and eats an upkick that doesn't stop McKee's ground and pound at all! 10-9 McKee.

ROUND 3; Round 3 starts and Carlyle explodes with a leaping right hook. McKee whiffs a spinning back kick. Carlyle again is pressing the pace, unphased by the work McKee has put in. Visibly exhausted but refusing to quit Carlyle gets taken down from the body lock position. Fighting from side control now, McKee is digging in elbows to the body. Carlyle's cut getting worse as McKee feeds more elbows. Carlyle flips over and grabs a leg. McKee scrambling to stay on top.Carlyle back on his feet now. But quickly sat back down by McKee with an authoritative slam! McKee looking for an RNC as Carlyle rolls over again. Carlyle doing a good job holding McKee's arms in place to prevent the choke. They scramble again McKee keeping position over Carlyle. Carlyle reverses to a takedown and McKee sinks in a guillotine, deep! Carlyle using his own blood as lubricant escapes the deep choke! Carlyle takes McKee's back as McKee flips to escape. Carlyle working for a single as they scramble. McKee lands on top. McKee on Carlyle's back, yet again this round. Carlyle will not stay down, a last second choke and the bell saves Carlyle from being submitted. Still remaining unfinished in his pro MMA career. McKee 10-9 for this one.




MAIN EVENT - Patricio Pitbull vs Adam Borics - Featherweight Title Bout

ROUND 1; Fight begins the two meet in the middle, sizing each other up. Both much more tentative than the previous two fighters. Borics throwing solid jabs and Patricio keeping the distance and controlling more of the center of the cage. Crowd is getting restless early, undoubtedly spoiled by the last fight. Patricio taking the center, landing good jabs and leg kicks from the outside and circling out before Borics can return. A jumping knee attempt by Borics but Patricio sits him down with a left hook counter mid air! The scramble and Patricio takes the back. They stand back up and separate. They lock up again and Patricio locks the arms, throwing Borics to the mat securing dominant position though still in Borics guard. Solid ground work from Patricio. Borics looking uncomfortable on the bottom gripping tightly working for the stand up from the ref perhaps. Ref stands them back up. A sharp jab from Borics. Patricio again controlling the center and avoiding damage. Patricio attempts a flying knee and misses but lands two solid follow up strikes as Borics tries to spin out. Round ends with Patricio backing Borics up against the fence. 10-9 Patricio.

ROUND 2; Borics using his length early this round, using kicks more effectively to start. Patricio continuing to slip any punches Borics fires off. Patricio landing strong low kicks this round and follows up with a sharp overhand right. Borcis backing up now, Patricio in full control of the spacing. A bruise starting to form over Borics right eye, bleeding now as well. They exchange jabs, Patricio just seems faster here and is backing Borics off in each exchange. Patricio comfortable with a slow pace here Borics beginning to hesitate on lowkicks as Patricio checks them more and more frequently. Borics switches to a body kick, halting Patricio for a moment. Space and pace still in Patricio's control as the round rolls on. Crowd again clearly hoping for a more eventful fight, as they boo however Patricio catches a headkick and puts Borics on his back. Halfguard now for Patricio. Landing shots to the side of Borics head as the round closes out. 10-9 Patricio.

ROUND 3; Round 3 starts with Patricio taking the center yet again. Borics clearly feeling more of a sense of urgency as he meets him there, and is forced to quickly defend a takedown. Borics landing some good elbows and jabs in these exchanges. Another jumping knee attempt by Borics and Patricio catches him in the air and puts him on his back securing halfguard in the process, switching to mount. Borics struggling to get Patricio off of him. Patricio locks his legs to keep the full mount, open palm strikes to each of his head. Borics scrambles but is unable to get Patricio off. Top control of Patricio is clearly up to par for this bout. Borics rolls over giving up his back, and stands straight up with Patricio still hanging on, body lock secured. Borics backs him into the cage. The backpack position relinquished by Patricio, securing a takedown, but back up into the backpack position. Borics reverses and Patricio ends up back to the cage. Borics and Patricio trading knees in the clinch to the thighs. Round ends in the clinch very little damage this round. 10-9 Patricio.

ROUND 4; Round starts slow again, Borics trying to walk Patricio down. Patricio keeping his distance again this round waiting on an opening. Borics whiffing some punches and Patricio backs out of danger. Patricio's arms appear to be getting a little heavier but he remains out of range of Borics' offense. Borics just can't seem to piece anything together, starting to settle for single shot leg kicks as Patricio slips and counters every jab attempt. A calf kick from Patricio stumbles Borics. Patricio continues his control of the spacing and pacing in this fight. Borics getting outworked in this round whiffing repeatedly as Patricio picks his counters. Borics really needing to turn up the heat in this round, falling into Patricio's game too easily again. Patricio is showing why he is the champion here, controlling the fight and not letting Borics get comfortable or get any offense strung together. Round ends with Patricio firing off several punches and defending a takedown attempt. 10-9 Patricio.

ROUND 5; Final round of a fight Patricio has been in complete control of. They meet in the middle and Borics looking a little more urgent in this round backing Patricio up for the first time in the fight. Patricio able to avoid damage and land a few shots on the backfoot. Borics continuing to push forward, trying to unbalance Patricio. Now piecing together combinations. Patricio pushing back into the center. Borics tries to back him up again, whiffing a spinning back kick. Borics getting combinations together this round. A right hand that wakes the champion up. Attempts a flying knee, ends up with Patricio on his back again in the backpack position. In the center of the cage, Patricio still on his back. Borics voluntarily carrying the champion's weight here. Patricio now locking the arms down. Borics struggling to get Patricio off of him. Borics reverses and gets a huge belly to belly slam onto the mat! His first time in control on the ground now. Borics trying to work for a finish here. Patricio keeping calm and defending well. They scramble and Pitbull is back up, reaching for a kimura. Borics keeps it standing Patricio hanging on to his arm. They scramble to the mat with Patricio ending up on top yet again. Round ends with Patricio on top. 10-9 Patricio.

OFFICIAL DECISION; Winner by Unanimous Decision, Patricio Pitbull Freire.

MY TAKE AWAYS; Patricio is still a fighting smart type of champion. Controlled the entire fight, and showed he's just leagues above many of his opponents. Borics showed some promise in flashes in the fight, but was clearly outclassed here. He needed to open up more, hopefully this will be a wake up call for him and he can learn from it and improve in the future.

What a great card! The early fights opened like wildfires, and the closer was a masterclass showcase of an intelligent champion. Can't wait to see what's next from Bellator!

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