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Joe Rogan reveals he used to bet on UFC fights, claims insane 84 percent success rate

UFC Fight Night: Buckley v Duraev Photo by Cooper Neill/Zuffa LLC

Joe Rogan carries a ton of knowledge about the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA), which is probably why the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) color commentator has experienced significant success whenever betting on fights.

Rogan, who has been a member of the UFC commentary team for ages, revealed during a recent episode of his podcast that he used to bet on fights, even when he was covering the matchups. We don’t know if this is something UFC officials had frowned upon, but it doesn’t sound like Rogan has been placing any bets of late.

Still, when Rogan did place bets in the past — either by himself or through a business partner — he hit at a considerable clip. According to Rogan, he had a 84 percent success rate in picking fights and winning some extra cash. That is absolutely insane considering most people would be happy with a 50-50 split while betting on an unpredictable sport like MMA.

“I used to bet on UFC even when I was commentating,” revealed Rogan. “I bet on it early on. I’m like this is probably not legal.

“One of my business partners would come to the fights and he would gamble. So when I stopped gambling I would just say bet. We were at like 84 percent success rate. It was so crazy.”

If this is true then Rogan needs to open up a Sports Betting University or something like that. From someone who has been watching UFC fights for more than 20 years and betting on them for well over five it’s not easy to pick winners each Saturday. Rogan certainly has an inside track compared to most, but this is straight lunacy!

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