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Gregor Gillespie ‘beat the sh-t’ out of Michael Chandler in college, vows to do the same to Tony Ferguson

Gregor Gillespie recently went scorched earth on Tony Ferguson during a rant on Instagram, slamming the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) interim lightweight champion for refusing to fight him.

According to “The Gift,” the fight has been offered to “El Cucuy” numerous times but has been declined on every occasion. That’s why the wrestling standout wasn’t thrilled at all when he saw Ferguson calling for a fight against Michael Chandler.

But perhaps what stings a bit more for Gillespie is the fact that Ferguson added “It’s wrestling season,” to his callout. Because if it’s a wrestling showdown he wants, then “The Gift” is the right man for the job since he has an actual win over Chandler in the department.

“Dude I just got word again from my manager that Tony Ferguson will not accept the fight against me, bro. And then I see you online calling out fucking Michael Chandler, saying it’s wrestling season, bro,” he said.

“Dude, you understand, like, I’m the wrestler, bro. I beat the shit out of Mike Chandler in college and I’ll fuck you up in wrestling too. If you’re looking for the wrestler, bro, accept the fight, dude.”

“I need to start climbing and none of you guys seem to want to fucking fight. Tony, me and you are fucking available dude. We’ve been available since the same fucking one weekend apart,” he added. “It’s time. Let’s just fucking do it. Calling fucking Chandler out for the fucking wrestling season. Get the fuck out of here, bro. I’m the wrestler.”

Gillespie and Chandler did in fact meet on the wrestling mats in the NCAA tournament in 2009 which saw “The Gift” defeat the former Bellator MMA lightweight champion at 157 pounds with a score of 10-2.

Ferguson, meanwhile, has been on quite a slump, losing his last three fights to Justin Gaethje, Charles Oliveira, and Beneil Dariush. His last win came against Donald Cerrone in 2019. As for Chandler, he is currently on a two-fight losing streak and was last seen taking part in a memorable fight against Gaethje at UFC 268.

As for Gillespie, he currently has an impressive 14-1 record in mixed martial arts (MMA), which includes a 7-1 record inside the Octagon with his lone loss coming at the hands of Kevin Leee via knockout.

I personally wouldn’t mind seeing all three of those men face off against one another at some point inside the Octagon, but if you had the power to make one of those fights next, which would it be?

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