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Video: Instagram troll shows up at UFC fighter Kevin Holland’s gym, gets schooled

If you think you can take Kevin Holland in a fight, message him on Instagram and he’ll happily test your skills.

Kevin Holland - Instagram

Keyboard warriors abound in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), but most of them are smart enough not to show up at a UFC fighter’s gym to challenge them in real life.

Fortunately for us and our Sunday entertainment, some still do. Like the gentleman at the heart of this story, Jayden Draper, who repeatedly messaged 2020’s UFC “Fighter of the Year,” Kevin Holland, demanding a fight.

“All I gotta say is even though you’re a black belt I’m positive I could submit you,” Draper wrote in April. “Prove me wrong.”

Further more explicit messages followed, which led to Holland paying for Draper’s bus ticket and hotel room to get him to Fort Worth, Texas, where the two could tussle. Suffice to say, it did not go well for Holland’s challenger.

“One troll down, way too many more to go,” Holland wrote on Instagram. “Catch all future troll smacks on my OnlyFans!”

Yes, that’s right: Kevin Holland has an OnlyFans, which he apparently plans on populating with troll smackdowns. All of a sudden, I’m considering subscribing.

In Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Holland is on a bit of a slip. After a wild 2020 that saw him win five UFC fights in a row, he got wrestled to decision losses by Derek Brunson and Marvin Vettori in early 2021. An Oct, 2021 fight against Kyle Daukaus ended in a “No Contest” after an accidental headbutt. And now Holland is looking to get 2022 started with an official “W” against Alex Oliveira at UFC 272 in March.

We gotta say, this Internet troll beatdown is a good start!

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