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Mark Hunt wants to fight Dana ‘Parasite’ White after getting stuck with UFC legal bill

Get in line.

Former UFC heavyweight contender Mark Hunt would like to settle his differences with UFC President Dana White by locking “The Parasite” inside a cage for five rounds, and if you think that’s a clear mismatch, “The Super Samoan” will even allow White to bring his “loser” friends, Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta.

No doubt the goons at TFC are licking their chops.

“Mark ‘The Super Samoan’ Hunt vs. Dana ‘The Parasite’ White, Lorenzo Fertitta and Frank Fertitta, five rounds MMA,” Hunt wrote on Instagram. “These losers [have] sucked the life out of so many fighters, him and his scum friends. You win, I drop the lawsuit. I win, you pay every fighter you have ripped off since UFC started, now who would pay to see that?”

I’d rather see him fight that 20-foot demon who works at the local hospital.

Hunt got stuck with a sizable legal bill after the court dismissed a majority of his UFC lawsuit, originally filed back in 2017. The promotion was sold the year prior when the Fertitta brothers banked more than $4 billion in a sale to Ari Emanuel and Endeavor Group Holdings, who took the agency public (EDR) last April.

Less than a day after his challenge to White, it seems Hunt is off social media.

“I’m getting off social media,” Hunt told his Instagram followers on Monday morning. “I shouldn't attacking people for their views on things just because they don’t see it my way. Has not been a good start to 2022.”

Might be time for MMA fans to once again “Rally 4 Mark Hunt.”

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