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Return of the Eagle kick! Fight breaks out at Russian promotion Hardcore FC’s press conference

This clip has everything: a face off cheap shot, a press conference brawl, and the best flying jump kick revenge ever achieved.

Hardcore FC - Instagram

Everyone remembers the night Khabib Nurmagomedov submitted Conor McGregor and then jumped out of the cage to eagle kick McGregor’s Braziliam jiu-jitsu coach, Dillon Danis (watch it here). That was a pretty expertly delivered jump kick, but I think we may now have witnessed this kick in its final form.

At a Hardcore FC press event in Russia, Tamerlan Temirov sucker punched Alexander Yanshin during a faceoff. That led to a scuffle that was eventually calmed down and ... the press conference continued?! Amazing. Anyway, Temirov then claimed he’d beaten Yanshin during past training sessions together, which was just too much for Yanshin to take. He then took a running jump at Temirov and eagle kicked him across the studio.

Having your security wearing baklavas like they’re riot cops may look cool, but these guys certainly didn’t seem too eager to actually step in to quickly to stop any of the madness.

Watch the chaos unfold here:

Apparently this is par for the course during wild Russian mixed martial arts (MMA) pre-fight press conferences. Another incident provided by Twitter user / avid international MMA enthusiast Matysek shows a different presser when one fighter refused to let another fighter’s hand go. After literally jerking his opponent around, he ate a knuckle sandwich to the face and staggered back to his seat in a daze.

Hardcore FC doesn’t seem to mind this kind of craziness. It ended up promoting the footage on its official Instagram, asking people whose side they were on now.

Just another day in Russia, the wild west of MMA.

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