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Sean Strickland gives virtual tour of barren apartment, ‘life of luxury!’

Does the average UFC fighter live a “life of luxury?”

Probably not. Even once inside the Octagon, many fighters are scraping by, making a fairly meager sum after training costs are considered. Still, for those who do rise above the preliminary card and become well-known names, there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel, namely in the form of bigger paychecks and sponsorships.

By most measures, Sean Strickland has made it. “Tarzan” has won four fights in the last two years, broken into the Middleweight Top 10, and is about to headline his second card in six months. Those accomplishments alone are unlikely to make one a millionaire, but Strickland should be living a financially comfortable life.

As it turns out, comfort is in the eye of the beholder. After previous previews of his sparsely decorated apartment made their way online, fan interest was piqued, and Strickland obliged with a full virtual tour of his home.

The two-minute video above is full of highlights, though if one is in an office that’s sensitive to swear words, perhaps wait until later to click play. A quick summary: MTV Cribs is unlikely to come calling!

There’s a lot to unpack. Strickland’s walls are empty. He owns neither a bed frame nor fully functional toilet, but Strickland does go to great care to show off his gun collection in case he runs into an errant “crackhead.” Strangely, there’s also a yellow smiley face balloon just hanging out in the corner, which adds to the Dexter ambiance.

Love or hate him, Strickland’s persona of a wild man who loves fighting and little else appears to be based in reality. Next up for “Tarzan” is a main event match up vs. Jack Hermansson next weekend (Sat. Feb. 5, 2022) from inside UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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