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Dapper Labs bungles ‘UFC Strike’ NFT drop, mass credits issued

Didn’t get your share of Champion Tier Moments? Help is on the way...

Dapper Labs recently dropped the first “UFC Strike” collectible product, a series of non-fungible token (NFT) images that give combat sports fans “the opportunity to own the most epic, talked-about fight moments in the history of UFC.”

But like every first effort, the product was not without its share of bugs.

“We discovered after the drop that there was a bug with the new pack-stuffing tool that didn’t meet our expectations or standard of excellence,” the statement read. “We utilized a new technology to assemble and distribute the packs in an effort to provide a smoother experience to our collectors and new UFC fans. After the drop, we discovered that the new tool did not work as intended, and did not properly include the expected amount of Champion Tier Moments in the packs just sold.”

That’s the bad news. Now for some good news:

  1. For each pack purchased that did not contain a Champion Tier Moment, you will receive an airdrop of a randomized UFC Strike Moment by January 31st, which will be packed from a pool of Moments that will include a total of 348 Champion Tier Moments, with the rest being from our Contender Tier. This will return the odds to what was contained in the pack description at the time of sale. For each pack purchased that did contain a Champion Tier Moment, you will receive an airdrop of a randomized Contender Tier UFC Strike Moment by January 31st.
  2. As a thank you for joining our first-ever Pack drop launches, we will also be issuing a $50 Dapper Credit for each UFC Strike pack purchased to your Dapper Account. You’ll be able to use that credit for future Marketplace and Pack purchases –– consider this a head start on the next generation of UFC fandom. Credit will be delivered to your Dapper Balance by January 27th. Expect more updates to come shortly on the opening of the UFC Strike marketplace.

Credits should already be in your account by the time you read this.

UFC Strike sold 100,000 “Fully Loaded” packs at $50 apiece, with nearly 50,000 new subscribers joining in just four hours. Those numbers were good enough to land UFC Strike at No. 4 in the overall $FLOW NFT rankings, according to Flowverse, and No. 2 for primary market sales.

Not too shabby.

A second round of “Fully Loaded” UFC Strike packs priced at $50 will be available to fight fans (while supplies last) starting at 2 p.m. ET on Jan. 31. That’s good news for all the NFT nuts who just scored a $50 credit after the opening round hijinks.

And even better news for revenue-sharing athletes like Francis Ngannou.

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