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UFC dumped Kevin Lee to get revenge against Francis Ngannou — ‘They used me as a scapegoat’

Former UFC lightweight contender Kevin Lee, who also did work at 170 pounds, suggests the promotion released him earlier this year as a way to punish Creative Artists Agency (CAA), a direct competitor to Endeavor and the group that represents both Lee and UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou.

Ngannou has been at war with UFC over his contract for the past two years.

I know the back end and all the stuff that goes behind closed doors,” Lee told MMA Junkie. “They really showed me no respect toward the end. I feel like I ate a lot of the flak for guys like Francis Ngannou in his situation with them. They used me as kind of like a pawn and a scapegoat. And really, I hope other fighters kind of see that. That’s what they do to you.”

Lee, 29, was released from UFC after losing four of five and flunking a post-fight drug test.

“They didn’t like the way negotiations was handled with Francis, so they took it out on me to kind of show (CAA) a lesson,” Lee continued. “But I think in the end, we’re going to show that you can’t necessarily treat people like this, and there’s many other ways to make money and kind of outshine them. So we’re going to beat them one way or the other.”

The 18-7 Lee will make his Eagle FC debut against Diego Sanchez on March 11.

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