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Dana White diss track: Watch Jake Paul trash UFC boss, ‘weirdo’ Conor McGregor

The Dana White diss track is here.

Jake Paul released a music video about the “bald bitch” and his corporate greed, featuring a cameo from former UFC featherweight champion Cris Cyborg, who also appeared in that goofy “Juice” video from Bhad Bhabie.

Never thought we’d top the Edward Scissorhands rap; but alas, here we are.

Paul also took aim at UFC fighters Jorge Masvidal, Nate Diaz, and Conor McGregor. For a guy who claims to be on the side of the fighters, “The Problem Child” — no stranger to combat sports — certainly made his share of enemies on the active roster.

What’s the end goal?

The 25 year-old Paul is hoping to disrupt the MMA industry and secure better pay (along with longterm healthcare) for current and future athletes. Whether or not his fame and social media reach can spark genuine change remains to be seen, but at least he’s enjoying the ride.

And the fruits of his labor.

White has responded to Paul in the past with shouty videos of his own, but I’m not sure he’ll take the bait this time around. Either way, you can bet the thirsty MMA media will ask for his reaction at the next UFC press conference.

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