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Watch MMA legend slug fan during wild UFC 270 crowd altercation (Video)

UFC hall of famer Don Frye hosts a podcast called “Toxic Masculinity” alongside fellow MMA legend Dan Severn and posted the following message to his Instagram account, just hours before the UFC 270 pay-per-view (PPV) event last weekend in Anaheim.

“All hell is about to break loose!!!! These two grumpy old men are on the road heading to UFC 270,” Frye wrote. “If anyone is interested in a meet and greet, speaking engagement, feast with ‘The Beast’ or punched by ‘The Predator’ reach out to we will be in L.A. for the weekend.”

Looks like Frye made good on his offer to reach out and slug someone (not named Francis Ngannou). TMZ Sports recently uploaded video of “The Predator” in a heated argument, which ended a the fan getting punched in the face and rushed to safety.

Despite getting inducted into the UFC hall of fame back in late 2016, which included this uncomfortable speech, Frye continues to be an outspoken critic of UFC and promotion president Dana White, who ruined MMA with his 30 Ferraris.

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