Ngannou vs. Dana

I cannot recall a situation quite as fun as the one UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou has created. Unhappy with the UFC's treatment of him, which he has described as unfair, Ngannou appears very willing to walk away with the UFC title to pursue bigger things. Namely a potential crossover bout with boxing's heavyweight champ, Tyson Fury. Happy Sunday. Dana White is apparently frustrated with Ngannou's refusal to accept this treatment, as in a somewhat unusual and certainly inappropriate move, White refused to put the belt on Ngannou last night. I wonder about that. For Dana White, business was always personal, from his work with the Fertita brothers (Zuffa!) to his friendship with former president of the United States Donald Trump. The fun thing here is that this also rings true with Ngannou, on a different level of course. Dana White is a loyal person, and values this trait highly. Ngannou is less so. I say this based on how White had Trump's back when the going got tough. Ngannou left his former coach and team on bad terms, and it looks like he may leave the UFC in the same manner. Here's why I think we should be thankful for what Ngannou is doing: Unintentionally, Francis Ngannou is fighting for all UFC fighter's rights and pocketbooks by negotiating hard with the bald man. It's like Ngannou is bizarro Conor McGregor; McGregor's success only enriched himself and his, while Ngannou's success has real implications in the business of mixed martial-arts.

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