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Tyron Woodley sends wake-up call to Jake Paul haters — ‘He would literally f*ck you up’

UFC President Dana White might want to avoid those Las Vegas nightclubs.

Tyron Woodley has heard the jokes and seen the memes.

The former UFC welterweight champion was knocked stiff by Jake Paul in their boxing rematch back in December, the second time “The Chosen One” has come up short against the social media star and his sixth-straight defeat when including his final UFC stretch.

But that had more to do with the athletic prowess of Paul and less to do with the decline of Woodley.

“A lot of people are saying, ‘Oh, you lost to him again. You got knocked out.’ He would literally fuck a lot of y’all up,” Woodley told The MMA Hour. “MMA fighters and other people that are just bumping at the gums. He’s an athletic kid that don’t have no job beyond this. He don’t have no kids, he don’t have no businesses he’s running. He can have the best trainer, the best coaches, the best nutrition, the most focus, he can separate himself. He don’t have the financial burden. Most MMA fighters, when we first start, we don’t have money. We do what we can do. We get whatever training we get can help us out to see a future in this.”

Paul made millions clowning around on YouTube before embarking on a celebrity boxing career.

Woodley turns 40 in just a few weeks and was invited to compete on a future Paul card. That said, there’s no timeline for the “Problem Child” to return and it’s not yet known if the blonde bomber will follow through on his commitment to compete in MMA.

A decision is expected within the next couple of weeks.

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