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Jake Paul bodies Dana White in new video, calls him a ‘selfish, capitalistic motherf—ker’

Things have already hit a boiling point between Jake Paul and Dana White and we’re only two days into 2022.

Mark Twain coined a saying: never wrestle with a pig — you get mud all over you and the pig likes it. The same could be said about starting a Twitter video feud with a YouTube star. While Jake Paul’s credentials as a legitimate boxer are still somewhat in question, you can’t argue with his Internet metrics. The kid knows how to craft a video response, as you’re about to see.

The latest spat between the two revolves around a New Years Eve post from Paul saying he’d retire from boxing and sign a one-fight deal with UFC to fight Jorge Masvidal ... IF UFC upped its minimum fight pay from $12,000 to $50,000 and fixed annual fighter pay from 20 percent to 50 percent of revenue. White responded by asking why Paul hadn’t agreed to his steroid testing challenge. He also claimed Paul’s business partner (and former UFC CFO) Nakisa Bidarian was behind the attack.

So Paul took time off from his NYE celebrations to churn out quite the piece of content:

“I accepted every part your challenge,” Paul said. “I said I would fight Masvidal in MMA. Steroid test me whenever the f—k you want. It’s two weeks after my fight and I’m a fat b-ch. I don’t do steroids and I take it as a compliment because there’s no other excuse to me knocking out all of your champions than ‘This kid does steroids.’

“Men lie, women lie, Dana White lies,” he continued. “Numbers don’t. You want to talk s—t about my manager who is the CFO of your company that helped you sell it to Endeavor for $4 billion dollars? You’re just a jealous ugly f—k that doesn’t know what true happiness is. You’re the definition of a f—king unhappy billionaire that thought money was going to make their lives better.”

“Long story short, you address nothing that I said,” Paul continued. “I accepted your challenge. I said I would fight MMA. I said that I would retire from boxing and you avoided all of that s—t. It shows that you are in a corner. You’re a dog in a corner trying to fight to save his whole company and the embarrassment that I’ve put you through.

“Everybody sees it and what you can’t accept or love or appreciate is that I’m trying to change the sport forever and you are one of the most selfish, capitalistic motherf—kers that I’ve ever seen and everybody else needs you, Dana. I’m the only person that doesn’t need you and I don’t give a f—k about you. But all these people, all your fighters, all of them, they can’t say s—t cuz you’ll just bench them. You met your maker. I’m not gonna stop. Welcome to the show, ladies and gentlemen.

“The bottom line, Dana, is that you won’t add health care for your fighters because you don’t give a f—k about them and you’re too much of a greedy b—ch to pay your minimum fighter more than $12,000 for risking their lives,” Paul concluded. “It’s what a janitor makes. You need to pay them $50,000, Dana. Stop avoiding my points.”

Say what you will about Jake Paul, but he may be the first person capable of standing toe-to-toe in a flame war with Dana White. He’s just too young, too quick, too tech savvy.

And hey, if Paul wants to spend a chunk of his 2022 fighting for better base pay and health insurance for UFC fighters, we are right there with him in solidarity.

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