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Nate Diaz wants UFC to stop slowing down the real fight game, book Dustin Poirier fight

Nate Diaz has officially “signed” to fight former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) interim Lightweight champion, Dustin Poirier. But, it wasn’t via an official UFC contract. Instead, the Stockton slugger gave his commitment — and signature — to the fight on Twitter.

Diaz vented his frustrations aimed at the promotion on social media for keeping him on ice and, more important, for not making a fight against Poirier.

“UFC, stop playing with me, consider this my signature to fight this fucker. I been trying to fight for a minute quit slowing down the real fight game it’s time,” Diaz wrote.

Diaz claimed a few weeks ago that it was UFC matchmakers who didn’t want to make the fight. Poirier, for one, has been chasing this fight for a few years now ever since their first scheduled showdown — which was set up for UFC 230 back in 2018 — was scrapped due to “Diamond” suffering an injury.

The two have been at each others’ throats ever since, but the promotion hasn’t done much to try and re-book the fight. While both men have gone on to do well for themselves, with each facing Conor McGregor on two separate occasions and raking in the money in the process, for whatever reason a fight between them just hasn’t lined up.

But, it seems now is the time since both men are asking for it and both are without a dance partner at the moment. The only obstacle in the way, it seems, is UFC itself. Since Dana White and Co. are all about giving fight fans what they want, isn’t it elementary that a fight between Diaz and Poirier is bound to happen soon?

For what it’s worth, Poirier had a tweet of his own:

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