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Video: Crazed fan dive-bombs mixed gender cage fight in Russia, chaos ensues

The action gets underway at 14:35.

Russia is quickly becoming the “Florida Man” of combat sports.

From the country that brought you such artistic spectacles as Tag Team MMA, and one of the few places you can still find toddlers getting KTFO in cage fights, comes Epic Fighting Championship and its mixed gender bout between Russian pornstar Alexander Pistoletov and plus-sized blogger Sasha Mamaha.

Joining them in today’s video clip is some random wack job who decided to break up the action, or perhaps save Mamaha from an inevitable submission. Unfortunately he was thwarted by the reflexes of the in-cage referee, who refused to sully the good name of EFC by letting a third party interfere.

Watch the isolated clip below:

Order was quickly restored and Pistoletov went on to secure the finish. Then came a protest from Team Mamaha and the fight was restarted for a second time, allowing the social media starlet to capture a controversial fourth-round decision.

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