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Meatballs! Watch sweaty Dana White gag, run from veiny Rocky Mountain Oysters

Dana White didn’t have the balls to finish the opening sequence of “Lookin’ for a Fight.”


The UFC president, along with former UFC fighters Din Thomas and Matt Serra, were on location in Denver, Colo., to eat Rocky Mountain Oysters, make ice cream, and watch up-and-coming fighters compete at Fury FC 53.

“I’ve heard of Rocky Mountain Oysters,” White said. “Going in, I didn’t know what to expect. The guy takes us back into the kitchen, he pulls out this thing full of the Rocky Mountain Oysters. They’re this big, covered in veins, and cut down the middle. It was so fucking gross that I literally started gagging and thought I was gonna throw up. I couldn’t even stay in there while they did it.”

White had to leave the kitchen to escape the “disgusting and gross” experience.

Serra had a much better game face, but it was Thomas who did all the prep work and was the only one of the three to actually eat them. “Dinyero” also finished off the meal with a special little dance that was almost as hard to watch as the testicle cutting.

On the plus side, White signed regional standout Trey Ogden.

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