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Report: Gable Steveson puts ‘pen to paper,’ signs with WWE

UFC President Dana White’s potential bid for Gable Steveson falls through, as the Olympic standout reportedly signs with WWE.

Hopes of seeing Gable Steveson in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) appear unlikely following reports that the Olympic gold medalist has signed with WWE.

Steveson — a former NCAA champion — has reportedly inked a contract with professional wrestling juggernaut WWE after a meeting with chairman Vince McMahon, according to Wrestling Observer. Steveson also reportedly met with UFC President Dana White in late August as he weighed his options.

“Just put the pen to paper,” Steveson tweeted on Saturday.

Steveson, 21, took home gold at the Tokyo Olympics earlier this year after earning a match-winning takedown in the final second of a match he was losing. The American wrestler became the first U.S. Super Heavyweight since 1992 (Bruce Baumgartner) to take gold in the men’s freestyle 125kg event.

A move to professional wrestling comes with certain advantages over a career in mixed martial arts (MMA). Steveson will likely make a high salary while the WWE takes time to train him and build him as a potential future star. He may find major success like fellow Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle; however, he could be at the company’s mercy should executives and WWE’s creative team sour on him.

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