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GLORY 78 highlights: Arkadiusz Wrzosek pulls off insane comeback KO over Badr Hari

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Glory 78”Badr Hari” Photo by ANP Sport via Getty Images

Fight fans witnessed one of the most insane comeback victories in recent combat memory earlier today (Sat., Sept. 4, 2021) at GLORY 78 in Rotterdam, Netherlands, when heavyweight Arkadiusz Wrzosek defeated veteran contender Badr Hari with a massive second-round knockout (head kick).

Wrzosek did little to nothing in this fight as Hari knocked him down multiple times with hard strikes. The writing seemed to be on the wall as Hari was rushing in for another flurry along the ropes in the second round, but Wrzosek launched a desperate head kick that caught Hari directly on the head and dropped him like a falling redwood.

Check out the wild stoppage below: