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Video: Teary-eyed Derrick Lewis sweats his way through ‘Wings of Death’ on ‘Hot Ones’

I never understood why people torture themselves while eating, especially when it comes to hot wings, but I guess in some regions (and certain sects of the bro culture) the painful act of destroying your palate has been elevated to art.

That’s why I can appreciate UFC heavyweight Derrick Lewis and his attempt to sweat his way through the latest episode of “Hot Ones.” Folks ... anything you plan to stick in your mouth that requires an emergency glass of milk needs to be reevaluated.

And I don’t know if such a challenge exists, but I would love to see someone eat the dreaded “Wings of Death” then immediately gargle with Listerine. Then we can separate the men from the boys.

Sadly, I will participate in no such challenge.

Simply because I’m so pathetic that even the buffalo wings at Applebees are too hot to handle. That said, I do have a bottle of Tabasco sauce that’s been sitting on the door of my fridge since the Clinton administration, just in case anyone asks for a little extra heat.

Speaking of things that suddenly get hot ...

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