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Midnight Mania! Khabib’s coach Javier Mendez: ‘Beginner’ boxer Jake Paul holds ‘many advantages’ over McGregor

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Jake Paul v Tyron Woodley Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Tyron Woodley is far from the only MMA fighter to make his way onto Jake Paul’s hitlist. Now that Paul has defeated Woodley, he seems ready to move on (tattoo or not). At the top of that register is very likely Conor McGregor, the biggest star in the sport with whom Paul has repeatedly traded verbal shots.

Given McGregor’s credentials and knockout prowess, most would assume that fight is a total wash for the former double champ. However, American Kickboxing Academy’s Javier Mendez — head coach to many champions, including Khabib Nurmagomedov — believes that Paul is more than up to the task.

“Jake has got so many advantages on Conor,” Mendez told Betway. “Size being one of the big major ones, and the fact that he’s been boxing for three-plus years with really good boxing professionals that know what they’re doing. So no, he shouldn’t have to fear Conor whatsoever.

“Instead, he has to fear people like Canelo. He would just smash him in one round, it would be embarrassing. He hasn’t got a chance against those kinds of guys, he really should stay away from him - but against Conor, absolutely he has a chance. Looking at the two, Jake’s got big advantages in size and power. Yes, he doesn’t have fight experience but he’s been strictly just boxing for a long time now.”

Mendez cited behind-the-scenes sparring footage as part of the reason for his confidence in the social media star. Despite his praise for Paul’s abilities and chances vs. the Irish athlete, Mendez made sure to emphasize that neither Paul brother is more than a beginner in the art of boxing.

“I respect their abilities but they’re not true boxers. They’re legit boxers but they’re not high-level. They’re not high-level at all, they’re beginners. For beginners to do what they do, that’s amazing and I applaud them for that because it takes special people to get that kind of attention.”

It remains to be seen if McGregor fully takes the bait and attempts to fight “The Problem Child,” but there are certainly reasons why it could happen. For one, the chance of significant injury is likely much lower in the ring vs. a semi-pro celebrity compared to fighting a top-ranked UFC Lightweight.

Plus, if Paul vs. Mayweather could clear one million pay-per-view (PPV) buys, sky is the limit for this bout’s potential windfall.


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Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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