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Idiot newspaper uses Daniel Cormier pic to report Jon Jones domestic violence arrest

Journal de Montreal has somehow topped ESPN, which recently promoted Nate Diaz for a fight involving his older brother Nick Diaz.

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was arrested and charged with domestic violence last Friday (Sept. 24) in Las Vegas, Nevada, a story big enough to find a home in most major news outlets.

Including Journal de Montreal.

Unfortunately, the careless crew charged with handling the details couldn’t tell the difference between Jones and longtime rival Daniel Cormier. Let’s just hope “DC” doesn’t have any plans to visit Quebec anytime soon.

“When bad behavior becomes the expectation, that should be the biggest wake-up call for you to get it together, because there’s no more disappointment,” Cormier told ESPN. “What I say to that man is just get it right. You’ve got to find a way to just try to get it right, because it ain’t even about the fight career right now. He’s obviously made a ton of money. It’s about getting life right so you can be the role model you need to be for those three young girls that he has.”

Jones and Cormier had one of the more memorable feuds in recent memory, though “Bones” prevailed in both UFC fights. The latter, a knockout win at UFC 214, was later overturned after Jones tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

“Dana has said multiple times, ‘We can’t get him into Vegas, not even for 12 hours,’ but what has been proven time and time again is that the trouble seems to follow Jones,” Cormier continued. “Because he’s gotten in trouble in Albuquerque, he’s gotten in trouble in New York. He’s gotten in trouble but this time it seems very serious.”

Not serious enough to get the right photo posted in Journal de Montreal, it would seem.

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