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Grisly details emerge from Jon Jones police report including ‘bleeding’ victim, dented squad car

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was arrested and charged with domestic violence back on Sept. 24 in Las Vegas, Nevada, while “Bones” was on location to accept his place in the fight wing portion of the promotion’s Hall of Fame.

But what started as a night of honor and celebration ended several hours later with Jones in handcuffs, though according to a copy of the police report obtained by MMA Fighting, an “extremely agitated” Jones did not go quietly, even threatening to file a “huge lawsuit” against the Las Vegas police department.

“Bones” is accused of head-butting the responding squad car, leaving a “medium-sized dent” and chipping some of its paint. The level of damage is considered a felony under Nevada law, which is unintentionally hilarious when you consider his alleged battery against fiancée Jessie Moses is only a misdemeanor.

Moses was found at Caesars Palace with blood “around her lips, chin and all over her sweatshirt” along with a swollen lower lip and “seemed scared to even talk about” Jones, according to the report. While she did allege Jones was “a little” physical with her, she also denied they were arguing or that he struck her.

Damon Martin has more:

The initial call to police came after Moses went to the security desk at the hotel asking for a key to her room, which is when a guard noticed that she had blood on her lip and clothing. The report states Moses began tearing up and she said she was scared to go back to her room, with one of their children asking, “Can you call the cops?”

After police conducted an initial interview with Moses, who didn’t want to be recorded and declined to fill out a voluntary statement, she asked the officers, “How long do I have until he is out?”

“She still seemed very scared as to the release of Jonathan from jail,” the report said.

Moses declined to file a protective order against Jones.

“Bones” later admitted to arguing with his fiancée prior to leaving her behind for a trip to one of the local strip clubs, but denied touching her and insisted he was unaware of how Moses became injured and bloody. Jones — who reportedly oscillated between anger and tears — later (jokingly) challenged responding officers to a fight just to “see what they could do.”

Jones, in what I can assume is under the direction of his attorney, has yet to make any sort of public statement regarding last weekend’s incident. While he silently waits for his first court appearance on Oct. 26, a biological specimen is under review by a forensic laboratory for genetic marker analysis, which could help determine the former champ’s culpability in the injuries sustained by Moses.

As for his status with UFC, his plans to return in 2022 are undoubtedly on hold while he handles his latest legal woes. Unfortunately for Jones, this is not his first run-in with law enforcement and his track record outside the cage could come back to haunt him as this case plays out in court.

Stay tuned.

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