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Conor McGregor praises Nick Diaz vs Robbie Lawler 2: ‘Veteran work all round’

“Notorious” had a lot of praise to give to both Diaz and Lawler ... but not so much for Nick’s little brother, Nate.

Conor McGregor may not have made it to Las Vegas, Nevada, to watch UFC 266 in-person, but “Notorious” was watching the pay-per-view (PPV) along with the rest of us and sharing his thoughts on the card via Twitter.

He heaped praise on some, like Valentina Shevchenko. Others, like Alexander Volkanovski, he mocked. And then there was the Nick Diaz vs. Robbie Lawler fight, which McGregor clearly enjoyed (watch highlights from that wild brawl here).

On Sunday night, McGregor returned to social media to expand on his thoughts of the Diaz / Lawler showdown, which “Ruthless” won in the third when Diaz refused to get up off the canvas.

“Nick/Rob was a good fight,” McGregor wrote. “The spin kick at the start gave the ground on Nick, but he was veteran composed and was peppering lovely shots in. He just ate some big body shots and there was more coming Robbie was strong to the body it was veteran work all round. I enjoyed thoroughly.”

“The finishing sequence when the temple was clipped after the leg went, the evasion of the final shot, which was a blistering uppercut, was magic,” McGregor continued. “Look at it. Down on one knee, observing where the shot was coming from, slip/parry, and re cente to open guard safe. Ala Daly fight.”

Unfortunately for Diaz, Lawler didn’t take the bait and engage with him on his back. Instead, he walked away and the ref motioned for Diaz to stand back up. When he didn’t, the fight was called. No thoughts on the ending from McGregor, but he did compare Nick to his little brother Nate Diaz, who is now 1-1 with McGregor after two fights in 2016.

“Nate your boxing is p—s compare to Nicks,” McGregor wrote. “We been fed garbage with your sloppy shots the last few years. Can see the clear difference between the two brothers after last night. Balance, composure. Another level the big bro is on to you. I made you.”

While it was a pleasure to see Nick Diaz back in the cage again after six long years, it’s hard to agree with Conor that Nick is on a higher level to Nate these days. But hey, that’s probably just more trash talk designed to hype up a rubber match that’s looking like one of the few viable “super” fights available for McGregor once he comes back from the horrific leg injury he suffered against Dustin Poirier back in July.

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