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UFC 266 live stream results, ‘Volkanovski vs Ortega’ play-by-play updates

UFC 266 live stream results and play-by-play updates will start to trickle in RIGHT HERE at approximately 6 p.m. ET TONIGHT (Sat., Sept. 25, 2021) from inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Alexander Volkanovski vs. Brian Ortega Featherweight title fight tops the ESPN+ pay-per-view (PPV) card, which also features a women’s Flyweight championship match between Valentina Shevchenko and Lauren Murphy, as well as the Middleweight do-over pitting Robbie Lawler against the returning Nick Diaz. Heavyweight bangers Jairzinho Rozenstruik and Curtis Blaydes, as well as 125-pound veterans Jessica Andrade and Cynthia Calvillo, will also see action this weekend in “Sin City.”

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TWO TITLES UP FOR GRABS! Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) makes its highly anticipated return to Madison Square Garden in New York City on Sat., Nov. 11, 2023, with a re-worked pay-per-view (PPV) main card. In the ESPN+-streamed main event, former 205-pound roost-ruler, Jiri Prochazka, will lock horns with ex-Middleweight kingpin, Alex Pereira, for the promotion’s vacant Light Heavyweight title. In UFC 295’s co-main event, top-ranked Heavyweight contenders, Sergei Pavlovich (No. 2) and Tom Aspinall (No. 4), will collide for the interim strap after division champion, Jon Jones, was injured with a torn pectoral muscle and forced to withdraw (video).

Don’t miss a single second of EPIC face-punching action! will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC 266 fight card below, starting with the early ESPN+ “Prelims” matches online, which are scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. ET, then the remaining undercard balance on ESPNN/ESPN+ at 8 p.m. ET, before the PPV main card start time at 10 p.m. ET on ESPN+.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following “Volkanovski vs. Ortega.” Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC 266 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


UFC Featherweight Champion Alexander Volkanovski vs. Brian Ortega — Volkanovski def. Ortega by unanimous decision (49-46, 50-45, 50-44) — HIGHLIGHTS
UFC Women’s Flyweight Champion Valentina Shevchenko vs. Lauren Murphy — Shevchenko def. Murphy by TKO (punches and elbows) at 4:00 of Round Four — HIGHLIGHTS
Nick Diaz vs. Robbie Lawler — Lawler def. Diaz by TKO (punches) at 0:44 of Round Three — HIGHLIGHTS
Curtis Blaydes vs. Jairzinho Rozenstruik — Blaydes def. Rozenstruik by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Jessica Andrade vs. Cynthia Calvillo — Andrade def. Calvillo by TKO (punches) at 4:54 of Round One
Merab Dvalishvili vs. Marlon Moraes — Dvalishvili def. Moraes by TKO (punches) at 4:25 of Round Two — HIGHLIGHTS
Nasrat Haqparast vs. Dan Hooker — Hooker def. Haqparast by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 30-26)
Shamil Abdurakhimov vs. Chris Daukaus — Daukaus def. Abdurakhimov by TKO (punches and elbows) at 1:23 of Round Two — HIGHLIGHTS
Roxanne Modafferi vs. Taila Santos — Santos def. Modafferi by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Uros Medic vs. Jalin Turner — Turner def. Medic by submission (rear naked choke) at 4:01 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS
Cody Brundage vs. Nick Maximov — Maximov def. Brundage by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
Martin Sano vs. Matthew Semelsberger — Semelsberger def. Sano by KO (punch) at 0:15 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS
Omar Morales vs. Jonathan Pearce — Pearce def. Morales by submission (rear naked choke) at 3:31 of Round Two — HIGHLIGHTS


145 lbs.: UFC Featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski vs. Brian Ortega

Round 1: Low kick lands for Volkanovski, tries to go high behind it. Body kick. One minute in. Ortega tries a head kick. Volkanovski continuing to chip away at the lead leg. Counter jab lands for him. Hard right cross connects clean. Ortega low kick two minutes in. Another overhand right from Volkanovski, then a counter jab. Ortega looking to double jab. Volkanovski lands a check hook, tries a cross counter behind it. Stiff jab splits the guard. Two minutes to go.

Low kick, counter right. Small cut under Volkanovski’s left eye and one over Ortega’s. Volkanovski advancing, brief clinch attempt by Ortega with a minute to go. Ortega lands a straight right, eats low kicks. Left hand catches Volkanovski off-balance. Stiff jab lands for Volkanovski. Body kick lands, counter left from Ortega. 10-9 Volkanovski.

Round 2: Calf kick lands for Volkanovski. Ortega looks to counter a body kick. He’s getting a read on that. Looking to jab, eats a left hook. Calf kick met by a hard Ortega leg kick a minute in. Volkanovski lands a body kick and a brutal right cross that backs Ortega off. Lead right connects on the fence, brief clinch. Ortega comes back with a combination after giving ground. Two minutes in. More Volkanovski low kicks, blocks a head kick. Volkenovski backs him to the fence and opens up with punches before clinching for a moment. Low kick from Ortega. Two minutes to go.

Volkanovski continuing to find the mark with calf kicks. Ortega with some shifting right hands. Counter right to answer a low kick. They trade in center cage. Ortega combo falls short, Volkanovski digs a right to the body. Ortega low kick with a minute to go. Four-piece by Volkanovski, tries to land as Ortega angles off. Hard counter right. 10-9 Volkanovski.

Round 3: Calf kick knocks Ortega off-balance for a moment. They trade body kicks. More low kicks from the champion. Brutal overhand right catches Ortega coming in. One minute in. Another counter right appears to wobble Ortega, who tries to tie up. Volkanovski patiently pushing forward and they trade in close. Good exchange. Two minutes in. Both men going for it at a high pace but Ortega definitely seems to be getting the worst of it. Hard 2-1 connects for Volkanovski. Ortega definitely has a bead on Volkanovski’s left kicks though. Counter 2-3 from the champ, who gets dropped by a counter. Ortega immediately jumps on him and wraps up a mounted guillotine. Incredible defense by Volkanovski, who sweeps into top position and starts bombing away on a bloodied Ortega. 90 seconds to go.

Volkanovski firing away, but Ortega wraps up a triangle. Again Volkanovski escapes, denying a back take, and goes back to dropping monstrous bombs from guard. Standing over Ortega and dropping a carpet bombing. Ortega somehow makes it to the bell but he’s very slow to get up. Round of the Year. 10-9 Volkanovski.

Round 4: Ortega’s face is an absolute mess and the doctor examines him before the round, but allows it to continue. Low kick from Volkanovski, then clean jabs. Overhand right appears to connect. One minute in. Nice counter right from Ortega, punishing that same lead-leg kick. Big hook by Volkanovski. Stiff jab. Ortega with a well-timed shot, drags Volkanovski to the mat and hunts an anaconda choke. Thumbs-up from the champ, who extracts his head and sets up in half guard two minutes in. Nasty elbows. Punches as well. Ortega throwing elbows off his back. Volkanovski postures out of a triangle attempt as he settles in Ortega’s guard. Two minutes to go.

More heavy ground-and-pound. Ortega trying to turn for something but Volkanovski aware. Volkanovski standing over him in guard and dropping some horrifying punches. Ortega spins at the referee’s warning, nothing doing. One minute to go. Volkanovski lets him up with 30 seconds to go and Ortega looks like he can barely stand. Volkanovski body shot before the bell. 10-8 Volkanovski.

Round 5: Volkanovski pushing forward, eats a jab, comes back with a left hook. Ortega tries head kicks. Stiff jab by Volkanovski, then a body shot a minute in. More jabs. Ortega shoots, denied. Sharp elbow from Volkanovski against the fence. Clash of heads pauses things for a second. Ortega lands a counter right. Good combination. Two minutes in. Trading good punches. Two-piece by the champ. Ortega catches a body kick, can’t jump on him. Hard right hand from Volkanovski on the break. Counter 2-3. Left hook to the body. Two minutes to go.

Ortega cracks him with a good right cross. He’s still pushing forward and throwing heat. Trading at close range. Good body shot by Volkanovski. Ortega counters the leg kicks. Brief clinch with a minute to go. Ortega catches a kick and tries a jumping knee. Volkanovski catches one in return and lands an overhand right. Stiff jab. Ortega storms forward with some heavy combos until the bell, landing some of his best shots of the fight. 10-9 Volkanovski.

Final result: Volkanovski def. Ortega by unanimous decision

125 lbs.: UFC women’s Flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko vs. Lauren Murphy

Round 1: Tentative start, both women keeping their distance. One minute in. Murphy catches a kick, eats a right hook on the break for her trouble. Superman punch from Shevchenko. Two minutes in. Looking for 1-2s, lands a body kick. Two-piece to a leg kick. Spinning back kick attempt. Two minutes to go.

Same combination with the leg kick from Shevchenko. Sharp left cross. Quick combo. Murphy struggling with the speed and range so far. One minute to go. Well-timed spinning back fist from the champ. Head kick and body kick blocked. Shevchenko lands a counter right, then hits a body lock takedown into half guard. 10-9 Shevchenko.

Round 2: Murphy tries a right hand and puts Shevchenko on the fence, changing levels. One minute in. Shevchenko extracts her leg and separates. There’s that check hook. Two minutes in. Murphy tries a Superman punch and eats that check hook again. Body kick and spinning back kick from the champ. Well-timed bodylock and there’s another takedown. On top in half guard. Two minutes to go.

Shevchenko not throwing much from the top and Murphy isn’t able to improve position. One minute to go. Murphy unable to get to her side or get anything going. Shevchenko wakes up and lands some hard elbows in the last 10 seconds.

Round 3: Shevchenko threatening with early kicks. Murphy’s gunshy and Shevchenko’s content to wait for the most part. There’s a 1-2 from the champ, who falls short with a wheel kick. Straight left, check hook, body kick. Low kick behind a two-piece. Two minutes in. Front kicks fall short. Continuing to pick away at range with relative impunity. Two minutes to go.

This isn’t even remotely competitive. Both try Superman punches. 1-2-leg kick by Shevchenko, same combo she’s been leaning on all night. Body kick connects. Murphy falling short with what little she bothers to throw. One minute to go. Low kick by Shevchenko. Murphy seems terrified to commit to anything. Body kicks from Shevchenko, who grabs a body lock after ducking a Superman punch. 10-9 Shevchenko.

Round 4: More of the same; Shevchenko picking away at range and landing the check hook when Murphy tries to step into the pocket. Shevchenko slips a bit dodging a Superman punch. One minute in. Straight left lands for the champ, counter 3-2. Body kick. More kicks. Two minutes in. Same 1-2-leg kick as before, check hook. Murphy completely unwilling to let her offense go. Shevchenko suddenly drops her with a right hand and catches her with a head kick on the way up. Shevchenko swarming, drags her down into half guard and starts pounding. Two minutes to go.

Things slow back down when the finish isn’t there. Nasty elbows now and she follows up with punches to send the ref into action.

Final result: Shevchenko def. Murphy by TKO (punches and elbows)

185 lbs.: Nick Diaz vs. Robbie Lawler

Round 1: Lawler comes out bombing a slow, stationary Diaz. Now Diaz comes back with combos. God he looks slow. Lawler continuing to stalk forward. Diaz tries a 1-2-3 a minute in. Body shot, 1-2. Continuing to send out 1-2s. Body kick. Lawler dials back the aggression, takes a two-piece. Body shot. Low kick from Lawler, then a combination kicked off by a counter left. Trading in the pocket two minutes in. Calf kick by Lawler. Diaz pushing forward, eats a body shot and counter left. Brutal uppercut by Lawler. Calf kick. Diaz bouncing punches off the guard. Another calf kick by Lawler, who eats a straight left. Two minutes to go.

Diaz starting to get comfortable, firing cleaner combos. Nasty body shots. 1-2 upstairs. Lawler still walking him down but now throwing near as much. Big exchange on the fence. Diaz landing on the back foot. Lawler digs his own body shot and eats a lengthy combo in response. One minute to go. Brutal exchanges, both men landing heavy on the fence. Diaz targeting the body. Heavy low-high lefts from Lawler, Diaz firing volume in return with his back against the fence. Great exchange. 10-9 Diaz.

Round 2: Lawler wades right back into the fray. Heavy punches and knee land for him. Diaz continuing to put forth the volume. Heavy body kick from Lawler forces Diaz to back off. Low-high combo by Diaz, body kicks. Lawler’s keeping him near the fence but they’re tit for tat. One minute in. Lengthy Diaz combo as Lawler tries to roll with it. Diaz still with the edge in volume. Clean combos as he retreats. Lawler cracks him with a lead left. Diaz outlanding him, eats a body kick and punches from the single collar tie. Diaz body shot, Lawler straight lefts. Lawler implacable as Diaz continues to bounce punches off his head and midsection. Two minutes to go.

Lawler opening up a bit more, more work form the collar tie. Hard punches in the clinch. Both attack the body. One minute to go. Very good late work from Lawler, adding the output he was missing. Diaz still trading with him. Both bang the body and Diaz reacts poorly, allowing Lawler to follow up. Think Robbie stole it late. 10-9 Lawler.

Round 3: Diaz opens with some heavy body shots. Lawler backs him to the fence once again and goes to work with his own volleys. Diaz walks into a brutal check right hook and goes to a knee; Lawler waves him up but he’s unable or unwilling to rise. Anticlimactic ending to a hell of a brawl.

Final result: Lawler def. Diaz by TKO (punches)

265 lbs.: Curtis Blaydes vs. Jairzinho Rozenstruik

Round 1: Rozenstruik looking to counter early, lands some right hands. Jabs from Blaydes. 1-3. There’s the first double-leg a minute in and he trips Rozenstruik into side control. Good knees to the body. More body strikes two minutes in. Right hands as Rozenstruik struggles to stand against the fence. Rozenstruik stuck on a knee, now makes it back up and separates with just over two minutes to go.

Blaydes pops him with a jab, lands a low kick. Staying patient, working behind the jab. One minute to go. Rozenstruik tries to counter with a flurry. More jabs from Blaydes. Rozenstruik hops in with a left and tries to open up in the final seconds. 10-9 Blaydes.

Round 2: Blaydes switching stance. Rozenstruik lands a few left hands. Low kick from Blaydes a minute in. Very slow pace, I’d imagine to the surprise of few. Blaydes continuing to work behind the jab, staying out of range of Rozenstruik’s power punches. Blaydes feints a level change, abandons it when Rozenstruik fires back two minutes in. Straight left by Blaydes. Crowd very much not enjoying this. Continuing to just pick away at range. Two minutes to go.

Well-timed flying knee by Rozenstruik, who follows up with a good hook. He tries to follow up, but Blaydes changes levels again and dumps him to the mat. Blaydes goes to half guard with a minute to go and alternates between body punches and elbows to the head. 10-9 Blaydes.

Round 3: Blaydes has some serious swelling around his right eye, presumably from that knee. Back to the previous glacial pace as they trade jabs at range. One minute in. Counter hook and cross land for Blaydes. Blast double, settles into guard despite a solid effort from Rozenstruik. Two minutes in. Chipping away from half guard. Two minutes to go.

Rozenstruik not doing much to get off of his back as Blaydes just stays busy. One minute to go. More of the same until the bell. 10-9 Blaydes.

Final result: Blaydes def. Rozenstruik by unanimous decision

125 lbs.: Jessica Andrade vs. Cynthia Calvillo

Round 1: Andrade stalking forward as always. Low kick connects. She answers a Calvillo right hand with a flurry against the fence a minute in. Low kick exchange. Left hook to leg kick from Andrade, who takes a jab downstairs. Calvillo right cross two minutes in. Clubbing right and left hook from Andrade in return. Big flurry from the Brazilian, walking through the counters so far. Jabs from Calvillo, eats another leg kick. They trade right hands with two minutes to go.

Big right cross by Calvillo, which prompts a flurry in response. Trading low kicks. Calvillo tries to tie up off a leg kick, can’t do so. One minute to go. Flurry by Andrade on the fence. Calvillo jabs the body in return. Good rights from Andrade. Chasing Calvillo across the cage, hurts her with an uppercut and looks to follow up. Brutal series of right hands against the fence and she just keeps punching until the ref steps in.

Final result: Andrade def. Calvillo by TKO (punches)

135 lbs.: Merab Dvalishvili vs. Marlon Moraes

Round 1: Picking at each other at range to start. Hard low kick from Moraes. Another and a third a minute in. Dvalishvili comes back with punches, then catches the next kick for a takedown. Moraes works his way back to the feet and absorbs a cuffing right. Hard right cross by Dvalishvili. Brutal left hook from Moraes draws a smile two minutes in. Another huge hook badly hurts Dvalishvili and Moraes jumps on him. Brutal punch after brutal punch. Dvalishvili trying to escape, tries to shoot, eats a monstrous uppercut. Somehow Dvalishvili grabs a body lock with two minutes to go.

Dvalishvili holding him against the fence, trips him to the mat and settles in half guard. Landing short punches. Moraes regains guard. One minute to go. Dvalishvili continuing to land some hard shots from guard. Nasty hammerfists piling up. Dvalishvili going for the kill. Moraes appears to go out under the onslaught but wakes up in time to survive. Good Lord, what a hell of a round. How do you even score that? 10-9 Dvalishvili?

Round 2: Dvalishvili steps in with a massive right hand that, along with a level change, sends Moraes to the mat. Dvalishvili hammering him with punch after punch after punch from the top; they’re not massive but they just don’t stop. One minute to go. Nasty elbows from guard. Moraes looks like a beaten man and Dvalishvili continues to clobber him with punches and elbows. Two minutes in. More nasty shots from Dvalishvili. This is starting to get uncomfortable. Two minutes to go.

Body shots and head shots piling up. Moraes somehow manages to scramble to his feet and get in on a takedown attempt. Dvalishvili punching him as he defends. He wrenches Moraes to his seat against the fence and goes back to punching. Pounding from turtle. One minute to go. They can stop this whenever. A final onslaught finally sends the ref into action. That’s how you lead into a PPV.

Final result: Dvalishvili def. Moraes by TKO (punches)

155 lbs.: Nasrat Haqparast vs. Dan Hooker

Round 1: Hooker pushing forward as usual. Body kick attempt, then tries to go high. Knee attempt on the fence. Haqparast yet to throw. One minute in. Counter left lands for him. Hooker picking away with low and body kicks. He tries a straight right. 2-3 from Haqparast, continuing to circle. Low kick lands for Hooker, then a body kick. Two minutes in. Hooker still landing kicks. Right hand falls short. Hook kick attempt. Two minutes to go.

Haqparast cracks him with a right hook, then goes back to moving. They trade body kicks. Hooker tries a head kick. Straight right. Still advancing, keeping Haqparast near the fence. Brief slip with a minute to go. Counter 2-3 from Haqparast once again. Hooker changes levels, hunting for a single-leg. Hard body shot and knee after abandoning it. 10-9 Hooker.

Round 2: Hooker lands a body kick, eats a combination. Sharp straight left by Haqparast, who blocks a head kick and lands a body kick. Hooker tries a knee and shoots. Landing knees a minute in. Brutal knee from Hooker knocks Haqparast’s mouthpiece out. Stiff jab on the break. Haqparast stuffs a takedown and separates two minutes in. They trade crosses. More knees from Hooker. Haqparast digs a left downstairs, takes a right in return. Hooker with a combination and a knee behind it, then scores a takedown. Two minutes to go.

Another good knee on the break. Right hand to the body. Haqparast can’t get away from the fence and just isn’t throwing enough. Hooker slams him down into side control and looks for mount. One minute to go. Knees to the body from side control. 1-=0 Jppler/

Round 3: Haqparast showing a bit of urgency early, takes a low blow. Hooker lands a body kick when they resume. Glancing right hook from Haqparast. Trading heat. Sharp cross by Hooker. Calf kick a minute in. Haqparast pushing forward and they trade body kicks. Wel-timed shot puts Hooker on top and he moves right to side control. Short left hands two minutes in. Haqparast just holding him close. North-south now for Hooker with two minutes to go.

Haqparast trying to hip-bump and make something happen but it ain’t working. Hooker takes his back, settles for turtle. He tries to grab the RNC as Haqparast scrambles, can’t get it, then shoots under a left hand for yet another takedown. On top in guard with a minute to go. Over to side control right away. He ends the fight dropping punches. Strong performance. 10-9 Hooker.

Final result: Hooker def. Haqparast by unanimous decision

265 lbs.: Shamil Abdurakhimov vs. Chris Daukaus

Round 1: Daukaus whiffs on an uppercut as Abdurakhimov leans in. Abdurakhimov to the body. Big exchange in the center a minute in. Abdurakhimov tries a spinning back kick. Clean jab. Rapid trade. Daukaus tries to punch his way into the clinch, walks into a check hook. Combo from Abdurakhimov two minutes in. 2-3, slapping hook. Lead right. Low-high 1-2. Two minutes to go.

Daukaus struggling to get into range. Fast exchange. Heavy low kick drops Abdurakhimov, who eats a knee on the way up. Counter right lands for him after avoiding a combo. Daukauas puts him on the fence. One minute to go. They separate. Abdurakhimov digs a right downstairs, fires a check hook. Daukaus continuing to advance and floors Abdurakhimov with a vicious left hook. He takes mount and starts pounding. Heavy elbows. Abdurakhimov manages to survive. 10-9 Daukaus.

Round 2: Daukaus stalking forward, avoids a spin. They trade, neither lands clean. Daukaus to the body, walks into a check hook. good combination a minute in. Daukas shrugs off a jab and crushes Abdurakhimov once again with a right hand down the pipe. A few more elbows and this one’s over.

Final result: Daukaus def. Abdurakhimov by TKO (punches and elbows)

125 lbs.: Roxanne Modafferi vs. Taila Santos

Round 1: Santos on the front foot, slinging punches. Hard 1-2-3. Modafferi throwing with her. Santos wraps up a body lock and takes her down into half guard a minute in. Modafferi regains guard. Elbow from Santos. Modafferi trying to set up an armbar. Two minutes in. Good elbow from Santos after extracting her arm. Modafferi using the cage to stand. Santos still has the body lock. Two minutes to go.

Over-unders now. Modafferi reverses and they trade knees in the clinch. Jockeying for position. Santos drags her back down into side control. Modafferi spins to her knees with a minute to go and puts her on the fence. Santos gets the Thai clinch and fires knees in the waning seconds. 10-9 Santos.

Round 2: Modafferi pushing forward, lands a counter right. Another. She catches a low kick and takes her to the fence. Santos fires a knee from the Thai clinch and avoids a single-leg. One minute in. Modafferi grinding on the fence. She separates two minutes in. Santos staggers her with a heavy right straight and puts her on the fence before taking her down into guard. Short strikes from Santos. Two minutes to go.

Modafferi works her way to her feet, gets dragged back down with a minute to go. Santos takes half guard, elbowing the body. Modafferi, now cut, regains guard. 10-9 Santos.

Round 3: Modafferi tries to shoot, denied. Los kick from Santos answered in kind. Nice combo by Modafferi, who eats a counter hook. Jab exchange. One minute in. Modafferi 1-2. Brutal hooks by Santos and the third one drops Modafferi. Santos follows her down with heavy elbows in guard, but Modafferi closes it up and holds her close. Santos staying heavy. Two minutes in. Not much action at the moment. Santos moves to half guard and looks for the back. Two minutes to go.

One hook in, looking for the RNC. No dice on the neck crank and she lets Modafferi up. Low kick and jab land for her. Counter 2-1. One minute to go. Modafferi still plodding after her. Trading punches. Stiff jab by Santos. Modafferi shoots through a knee and grabs a body lock. Santos responds with a whizzer throw into half guard. Modafferi regains guard before the bell. 10-9 Santos.

Final result: Santos def. Modafferi by unanimous decision

170 lbs.: Uros Medic vs. Jalin Turner

Round 1: Both men come out southpaw. Turner lands a left cross as they exchange. Low kicks from Medic. Turner catches a head kick for a takedown into side control a minute in. Heavy shoulder pressure. Landing the occasional short punch. Two minutes in. Medic regains guard when Turner tries to mount. Turner with some punches, snuffs out the first attempt to stand. Medic scoots to the fence. He tries to kick Turner off and stand, but Turner stays attached, then lets Medic up with two minutes to go.

Body kick and counter left from Turner, then a heavy body shot. Turner opening up on the fence, eats a left cross and gets cracked by a vicious series of punches. Turner swarming and he takes the back, wrapping up the palm-to-palm RNC for the finish.

Final result: Turner def. Medic by submission (rear naked choke)

185 lbs.: Cody Brundage vs. Nick Maximov

Round 1: Brundage tries a jumping knee and straight right. He stuffs a takedown, lands a knee. Low kick from Maximov, tries to go high. Unsuccessful shot. They trade right hands. One minute in. Overhand left lands for Maximov. Low kick and jab from Brundage. 3-2. Two minutes in. Maximov shoots and grabs a body lock. Knee upstairs. He changes levels, manages to avoids a kimura but loses his grip on Brundage. Two minutes to go.

Knee and right hand from Brundage to answer a left. Maximov shoots behind a left hand and takes him down, snuffing out the kimura again. He takes mount with a minute to go. Body shots from Maximov as Brundage tries to work his way up. Hard punches. Brundage gets to a sprawl position. 10-9 Maximov.

Round 2: Brundage opens with some heavy kicks, then shoots from too far out. Maximov sprawls and moves to turtle, landing punches. Both hooks in now. Body triangle. Hammerfists landing with a minute to go. Hunting for the RNC as Brundage’s stuck on his knees. Brundage trying to work his way up against the fence. Two minutes in. Maximov fires a knee and re-shoots, prompting Brundage to pull guard on a guillotine. He loses it quickly. Two minutes to go.

Maximov looking for the back once again, has one hook. Brundage gets the baseball grip with a minute to go. Trying to turn into guard, can’t. Good control from Maximov. 10-9 Maximov.

Round 3: Trading punches to start the round. Overhand right lands for Brundage. Left hook appears to sting Maximov as he tries to change levels. Maximov shoots, denied, re-shoots and gets sprawled on. One minute in. Maximov transitions to the back and puts in a hook. Brundage working to stand, Maximov keeping hold of a rear waist lock. He re-shoots. Two minutes in. Hard Browne elbows by Brundage. He just can’t break Maximov’s body lock or get away. Two minutes to go.

More Browne elbows by Brundage, who snatches an ankle to land on top. Good punches from there, sprawls on a shot from Maximov. Hard elbows by Brundage have Maximov cut open. Maximov looking to transition to the back, does so with a minute to work. Brundage works his way to his feet and lands hammerfists as he sprawls on the re-shoot. Maximov escapes the rear cricifix and ends the round throwing GnP. 10-9 Brundage.

Final result:

170 lbs.: Martin Sano vs. Matthew Semelsberger

Round 1: Semelsberger marches out of his corner, knocks Sano out cold with the first right hand he throws, then bops him with a single hammerfist for good measure. Over and out in 15 seconds.

Final result: Semelsberger def. Sano by KO (punch)

145 lbs.: Omar Morales vs. Jonathan Pearce

Round 1: Pearce pushing forward early. Morales tries a head kick, stuffs a takedown, lands a right hand. One minute in. Quick jab and low kick from Morales. Another leg kick that Pearce checks. Pearce continuing to advance, not committing to anything big. Both whiff on some big shots. Two minutes in. Stiff jab by Morales. Pearce comes back with a left hook and swings his way into the clinch. Good single-leg to double-leg against the fence. Morales gets back to his feet. Two minutes to go.

Pearce remains attached, can’t drag him down on the first attempt but gets him down on the second. On top in half guard. Nice sweep by Morales puts him on top. Peace responds by scrambling up and taking him down again. Morales back up, back down into guard with a minute to go. Morales gets a bit of space and stands. Pearce still has the body lock, can’t get a final takedown. 10-9 Pearce.

Round 2: Pearce pushes forward for another takedown attempt. Morales defending on the fence. Uppercut from Pearce, re-shoots, runs the pipe. Pearce tries to jump on his back and Morales slips out the back before hunting a d’arce. Pearce slips out, goes back to grinding against the fence. Both hooks in. Two minutes in. Pearce looking to move to mount, re-takes the back. Decent punches. He transitions to an arm-triangle, doesn’t have the angle. Two minutes to go.

Pearce retakes the back with one hook as Morales stands. Second hook and the RNC at the same time. It’s ultra-deep and there’s the tap.

Final result: Pearce def. Morales by submission (rear naked choke)

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